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Goro Inagaki plays the villain in new TV drama

11:06 JST September 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

SMAP’s Goro Inagaki (36) has been cast as the bad guy in the upcoming TV drama “流れ星 (Nagare-boshi)”, it was revealed yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

The drama follows the love story between two characters played by Yutaka Tekenouchi (39) and Aya Ueto (24).

Inagaki will play Ueto’s older brother, who is willing to destroy his sister’s happiness in order to get money to pay off his mounting debts.

It is the second time Inagaki will play a villain, following his tyrant role in the feature film “13 Assassins”, taking another step away from his clean, gentle “Goro-chan” image.

The drama producers have said that the SMAP member’s character is very human in that he really does not want to hurt his sister, but does so anyway.

Inagaki said he was looking forward to playing a selfish character.

“He’s the guy that adds some spice to show so I hope I can play that part to the full.

“There are times you feel sorry for the guy, but most of the time he makes you think ‘oh, not him again’ so I hope I get my own intro music (laughs),” he said.

“流れ星 (Nagare-boshi)” starts to go on air in Japan on October 18 on Fuji TV.

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