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18:32 JST September 26, 2010 5 comments

Hi everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Hope everyone’s well and healthy, unlike me who is getting over a cold.

I don't look as cute as Aiba-chan when I sleep, but basically this is all I did on Saturday

Actually, I think it was time I had a laid-back day indoors so maybe the cold was a good thing.  Not happy I can’t go outside and bike though, grrr…

So I’ve changed a few things in the blog:

First, I’ve set up an email for anyone who wants to get in touch with me to do translations or just have a conversation.


If you can’t be bothered clicking on the “About MomoEdgewood” page, it’s:

Second, I’ve changed my blog icon to a more pretty picture.

It used to be the streets of Akihabara (no idea why I chose that pic) and now it’s the night lights from a rock festival I went to this summer.

Haven’t been blogging since yesterday because, well, there has been no news to blog about.

NEWS concert in Tokyo Dome starting in a few minutes, grrr, so jealous of the the fans going to it who were in the same train as me this afternoon :p

Still think their LIVE album is awesome, although I haven’t listened to it much this weekend…I’m going through an old V6 and KinKi Kids songs phase (“Flower”, “CHANGE THE WORLD”, etc)

Anyway, hope you all enjoy the remainder of your weekend!  Thanks for coming by!

Momo xoxo

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