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NEWS fly 35m in the air in Tokyo Dome

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A special gondola made for NEWS to use in Tokyo Dome took them high enough to see all of their fans inside the dome, reports Nikkan Sports and Sanspo.com.

NEWS make the news in sports newspapers over the weekend

The popstar group started the Tokyo concerts of their tour on September 25, which will continue till tomorrow.  It is the first tour the group has been on in 20 months.

“I know some of you have been thinking ‘your concert’s overdue NEWS’, but we’re finally here!”  Said Keiichiro Koyama (26).

Ideas thought up by the six members have been turned into reality during this tour, with the highlight being the “NEWS AIR Gondola”.   Towards the end of the concert, each member hopped onto their gondola, taking them up 35 metres into the air.  As the group performed “TEPPEN” from this height, fans sitting on the third floor could get a close up view of their stars, causing the 55,000 strong crowd to erupt in applause.

NEWS members were just as surprised at the impact of the gondolas, which were almost high enough to scrape the ceiling of Tokyo Dome.

“I never imagined it would be this high,” said Takahisa Masuda (24).

“We wanted to get as close as we could to where our fans were sitting,” said Tomohisa Yamashita (25).

It has been reported that the gondolas had taken two months to make, at a cost of 50-million yen (around US$600,000).

Masuda has also been reported to have designed the four costume outfits for this tour’s concerts, including mixing sequined camouflage pants with fake fur.

During their September 25 concert the group had announced the release of their next single “Fighting Man” on November 3.

Also on this day the press had teased Yamashita, asking him whether his girlfriend was in the crowd.

“I don’t have one.  I’m in love with my fans,” Yamashita said.

Live! Live! Live! NEWS concerts will finish tomorrow night.  Total crowd numbers for this concert tour are expected to reach 355,000 (two cities, seven concerts).

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