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Ohoku cast pray for success

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Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya (27), Kanjani8’s Tadayoshi Okura (25), and the main cast of “大奥 (Ohoku)” gathered at Zojo temple, Tokyo, on Monday to pray for their movie’s success, reports Sankei Sports and Oricon.

“I feel like I’ve done everything I can now,” Nino said.

Zojo temple, Tokyo, on Monday

All nine cast members, including Ko Shibasaki (29), Maki Horikita (21), Hiroshi Tamaki (30), Kuranosuke Sasaki (42), Sadao Abe (40), Emi Wakui (39), and Aoi Nakamura (19), wore kimonos or hakamas as they gathered at the final resting place of six of the 15 Shoguns from the Edo period.

After praying, the cast had lined up to meet the 1000 lucky fans who had got to take part in the event.

“There’s no scene in the movie where all nine of us are together so this is an amazing opportunity,” Nino said.

“I think this was the most incredible prayer I’ve made for a movie up to now,” said Tamaki.

Although the strong rains meant event organisers had to scrap the red carpet, Shibasaki had said she was confident the rain would turn into a rain of victory, showing her shogun side to the crowd.

Cast of Ohoku yesterday

Ko Shibasaki at yesterday's Ohoku event

At a press conference last night the Johnny’s stars both confessed their admiration for co-star Tamaki.

“When I saw him wearing his nagabakama (long-skirted hakama), I thought ‘wow!  That’s a cool zaku (from “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM”)!’ and he stole my heart.

“I even like the lilac colour of his kamishimo now,” Nino said.

“There’s a scene where Tamaki-san and I **, but during the shoot he had a really nice aura about him.

“It made me think that this is what a woman means when they say they look for safety in a man,” Okura said.

Tamaki, who had smiled at his co-stars comments, said the scenes where Nino and Okura were together are worth watching.

Of course, Nino still had plenty say about his other co-stars.

“Maki-chan looked like a Japanese doll, she was so cute.

“Okura (points finger at his blonde hair) looks like a rebel today, but in the movie he’s a really nice guy.

“In some turn of events I ended up kissing Nakamura-kun, and as for Kura-san…you’ll just have to see.

“The way the shogun (Shibasaki) tears up the men because she thinks they’re weak was fun too,” said Nino.

Scene from Ohoku

Ohoku opens in Japanese theatres on October 1.

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