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Hiroshi Nagano is like a bowl of white rice to his co-star

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V6’s Hiroshi Nagano (37) and his TV co-host Masami Hisamoto (52) talked about what food represented the other in an interview leading up to the start of their new show, reports The Web Television.


“料理の怪人 (Ryori no Kaijin)” will begin on TV Tokyo from October 20, and is a variety show hosted by Nagano and Hisamoto that introduces unique chefs.  Chefs such as one who runs his shop in the middle of an underground parking lot, or a ramen noodle shop that only serves warm noodles.


When asked what food they thought represented the other host of the show, Nagano said Hisamoto was like curry.

“Because I’ve hardly heard of anyone who hates curry.  It’s almost like a national food isn’t it.  You can also put lots of different things into it to make your own homemade flavour.  It can cope with anything, so she’s like curry,” he said.

His co-host responded by saying Nagano would be white rice.

“The more you chew it, the more flavour comes out from it.  You might not think much of it at first glance, but it really has its own taste and is very sweet.  It makes everyone feel safe.  Rice is something you can’t live without, so, I hope I can become its good partner (laughs),” she said.


Nagano has been known to wander through more than 700 restaurants every year, but this will be his first time hosting a food show.

“I love eating, it’s a hobby and a lifestyle for me.  It’s something that really interests me.

“There are lots of new restaurants opening up these days, and no matter how many I go to I can never get around to them all.  Being able to introduce “Kaijin” chefs will get me into eating more.  I’m looking forward to finding new places I’d like to go and eat while hosting this show,” he said.


When asked where he would take Hisamoto for dinner, the popstar said he could confidently find the perfect place.

“I’d ask Hisamoto-san what kind of things she likes to eat and then choose the best place I know that fits those conditions.

“But (rather than the two of us) I’d start with taking everyone first,” he said.



Source: http://blog.television.co.jp/entertainment/entnews/2010/10/20101008_07.html

Ryori no Kaijin website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/kaijin/


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