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Koichi Domoto introduces his pet dog to 15,000 fans

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Koichi Domoto (31) from KinKi Kids showed his affectionate side as he hugged and talked about his pet dog Pan-chan during his “BPM” Yokohama concert yesterday, reports Sports Hochi and Daily Sports.


During Monday’s concert, the singer said he had a special guest to introduce to everyone, and his pet dog Pan, a 21-month-old female chihuahua, walked on stage.


But with 15,000 fans cheering in front of her, it has been reported that Pan began to shake, to which a panicked Koichi came running to her side, scooping her into his arms and apologizing to his dog for giving her a fright.


Koichi said it had been his talent agency boss Johnny Kitagawa’s idea to bring Pan on stage, suggesting it would be nice to show her her owner at work.

“I told Johnny-san that if I was going to let her on stage, she would need to be signed up to the Johnny’s agency.  He cast that idea aside but maybe I push for it again,” Koichi said.


Koichi is in the middle of first solo tour in a year, which started on September 11 in Okinawa.  Using some of the most advanced lighting systems available today, the singer danced his way through 18 songs.

“On stage is the one place I can be myself the most.

“Do I have a girlfriend?  It’s quite difficult to find one now…but I’m happy,” he said.


The BPM tour continues until November 14, after which Koichi will perform in Kansai Yamamoto’s show, followed by the release of his first book in January titled “F1 – 僕が1人のファンになる時 (Boku ga hitori no fan ni naru toki, The time I become one of the fans)”, and another season of his stage show “SHOCK” from February.



Source: http://bit.ly/bDAuPR



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