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Satoshi Ohno stars in Arashi’s fourth Hitachi commercial

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Arashi leader Satoshi Ohno (29) was all about fishing when it came to shooting his new commercial for Hitachi’s drum type washer and dryer, reports Oricon today.


The group have been promoting Hitachi home appliances this year, with each member appearing in their own commercial with one appliance.  To date Masaki Aiba (27) has been advertising washing machines, Sho Sakurai (28) vacuum cleaners, and Kazunari Ninomiya (27) refrigerators.


Ohno’s commercial takes place in an apartment, where the Arashi leader is relaxing on his day off by reading fishing magazines.  As he starts fixing and polishing up his fishing gear, he notices the invitation to a friend’s wedding stuck on the wall.  Realizing that today is the wedding day, Ohno gasps out, “Shoot!  It’s going to start,” throws on a shirt from the washer dryer and runs out the door.


As a self-proclaimed fishing enthusiast, it has been reported Ohno paid a lot of attention to the fishing gear used on set.  Enough so that even after the director had called cut during a scene, Ohno had continued to read the fishing magazine.

“I want go fishing…,” Ohno said.


For the latter part of the shoot, it has been reported Ohno had trouble putting his shirt on in a hurry.

The singer had trouble doing up his buttons properly, or his collar was not straight.  After three tries and commenting, “this is hard,” the Arashi leader got the needed shot.


Ohno’s new commercial for Hitachi’s ヒートリサイクル 風アイロン ビッグドラム (Heat Recycle Kaze-iron Big Drum) washer and dryer is set to go on air in Japan from October 16.

Hitachi's latest drum type washer dryer


Source: http://life.oricon.co.jp/81045/full/

Hitachi’s Arashi website: http://kadenfan.hitachi.co.jp/tashizan/index.html



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