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Ninomiya wants a job as a concert security guard

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Having magic battles with his co-star Karina (26) and wanting to protect his junior Ryuhei Maruyama (26) were some of the things Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya (27) confessed to during a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital, Daily Sports, and Oricon.


Appearing at the “フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau)” press conference, the drama’s actors were asked what part time job they would want to do if they ended up in the same situation as the drama’s main character, Seiji Take, who becomes a construction worker.

“If I were to do a part time job, I think I’d be a security guard at a Kanjani8 concert.

“I love that atmosphere and I need to be able to move my body.  I can’t see myself doing office work,” Ninomiya said.

During the event, Ninomiya’s co-star Karina talked about what the Arashi star is like on set.

“Ninomiya-san’s always practising his card magic tricks by himself in between takes.

“I used to belong to a magic club so I tried to beat him but I keep losing,” she said.

Her co-star responded by revealing how much he practices every day.

“(I study) books.  When I’ve got nothing particular to do at home, I’ll practise (magic) till dawn,” Ninomiya said.


“Freeter, Ie wo Kau” begins on October 19 in Japan.


Source: http://mantan-web.jp/2010/10/15/20101015dog00m200025000c.html



Drama website: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/ie-wo-kau/index.html


In other news…

Arashi’s upcoming single “果てない空 (Hatenai Sora)”, the theme song to Ninomiya’s drama, will include a special DVD on its limited edition copy, reports Ori-suta magazine.

Fans will not only be able to watch the music video to the single, but there will also be behind-the-scenes video footage and a photo gallery.

The single is set to be released on November 10.

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