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Shunsuke Kazama to star in band movie

10:30 JST October 23, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Playing a farm boy who dreams of making it big as a visual band musician is how Shunsuke Kazama (27) will make his live action movie debut next year, it was revealed yesterday, reports Sports Hochi and Daily Sports.

The movie “前橋ヴィジュアル系 (Maebashi Visual-kei)” will open in Japanese cinemas in February 2011, and will be directed by actor Gitan Ohtsuru (42).  The coming-of-age story follows the family struggles Kazama’s character endures as he tries to pursue his ambition of making it big as a visual band member.

Filming has already started in Chiba prefecture, and will then move onto live concert scene shoots.

Having joined Johnny’s when he was 13-years-old, it might be easy for many to assume Kazama has had plenty of singing experience, but the talent said this was not the case.

“I haven’t been singing at all recently.  Apart from musicals, I think this’ll be the first time I’ve sung in 6, 7 years,” he said.

Kazama has also reported to have said he wants to focus on his acting career more than a singing career.

“I hope I can change the image my agency has to one where people can say (Johnny’s) produces actors as well.

“I’ve talked about this to Toma (Ikuta) as well.  If anyone calls me unique or different, I’ll take it as a compliment,” he said.

While the actor had already made his movie debut in January this year as the lead voice actor in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie”, this will be his first live-action film.  Kazama has said playing the lead character is something he is not used to.

“Usually I tell people I want to be part of the supporting cast and I never persistenly go after lead roles, so I hope I can make this movie as a team,” he said.

Film director Ohtsuru has been reported to have said Kazama has acting qualities he does not have.

“He’s really good at showing the strong side of a man, and he can show how a man’s feelings changes.  I’ve never been really good at that,” he said.


Source: http://www.daily.co.jp/gossip/article/2010/10/23/0003551601.shtml



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