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JUMP mode in autumn (Hey! Say! JUMP translation) PART 1

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Monthly TV Fan 2010 December issue

Hey! Say! JUMP

JUMP mode in autumn (interview translation) PART 1


The group has had another busy year starting with a concert tour in spring, then their first album release and the “SUMMARY” stage show in the summer!  For a group that’s just celebrated their third anniversary, Hey! Say! JUMP continue to be in top form.  Now it’s time to look back on their early days, talk about what happened backstage at SUMMARY, and what lies ahead in the future…  Now that the autumn nights are getting longer, it’s time to enjoy lots of stories from these 10 guys.

Q: Looking back on yourselves three years ago, what were you like?

Yamada: I was worried about a lot of things.  I was scared because there were lots of my seniors in the group (laughs).  I’ve only just become friends with Ino-chan in the last six months, right? (laughs)

Inoo: Yeah, I never really wanted to see the face of anyone who was younger than me (laughs).

Yamada: Hey! (laughs)

All: (laughs)

Yaotome: In the beginning I thought we could get along with one another but I think there was this wall between 7 and BEST.

Chinen: It’s not that we hated you, but we didn’t want to be involved.

Yabu: But we hang out together now.

Inoo: I feel like I make more friends every year I get older.  I’ve finished off everyone in BEST and now I’m moving in on 7 one member at a time.  I think I’m halfway with Ryutaro right now.

Morimoto: Liar! (laughs)

Yaotome: I think it’s only recently that I’ve been able talk one-on-one with Ryutaro.  I mean, three years ago you were still at primary school.

Takaki: Ryutaro’s changed so much.  You were so cute when we made our debut.

Morimoto: You thought I was cute.

Inoo: You can tell a lot’s changed by looking at photos from the beginning.  Everyone in 7 were kids.

Nakajima: Three years changes so much.

Yabu: Ryutaro’s private life really interests me.  It’s so funny I research him every week (laughs)

Morimoto: I have fun talking to Yabu-kun as well so if I were to live with someone in this group, I’d choose Yabu-kun.

Yabu: I’d want to live with Inoo (laughs).

Takaki: I wonder what we’d do if Ryutaro and I hung out.

Arioka: Why don’t you go out for yakiniku?

Morimoto: You’ll pay right (laughs).

Yabu: Speaking of change, I think Keito’s Japanese has gotten better (laughs).

Arioka: He can say “らちがあかない (this is getting nowhere)” now (laughs).

Yabu: He can talk normally now.

Okamoto: Oh, what.  You make it sound like I couldn’t talk before! (laughs)

Takaki: You used to cry a lot.

Yabu: At dance lessons and rehearsals.

Arioka: You’d cry when you had trouble remembering dance moves.  I asked you whether you were alright, and you said, “my head hurts” (laughs).

Okamoto: Because I didn’t want to say that I was having trouble remembering the moves!

Yaotome: We all knew though (laughs).  I did so much more than I should have teaching you the moves but you still couldn’t remember them (laughs).

Okamoto: Everyone helped me.

Arioka: I remember you kept practising by yourself during our breaks.

Yabu: And then before we knew it you’d turned into a guitar boy (laughs).

Takaki: You started to say the only path for you was rock music.

Okamoto: No I didn’t! (laughs)

Q: Is there anything you’ve been wanting to ask someone in the group?

Arioka: Not anymore.

Yamada: Nope.  We get along and we’ll ask if something comes up.  We don’t hide things.

Inoo: We can talk about anything.

Yabu: We’ll talk about all the good things and bad things happening in our private lives.

Yaotome: We can talk about the worst of things too.

Takaki: If one of us has a funny story we want to tell the others, we’ll come to work with a huge grin on our face (laughs).

Arioka: It’s like, “Yes, I can say it!” (laughs)

Yamada: I think everyone in the group are my closest counselors.

Nakajima: We’re nearly always together.  Yama-chan, Chinen and me go to the same school so we’re literally always together.

Morimoto: That’s amazing that you’re always together.

Yamada and Nakajima: Isn’t it amazing! (laughs)

Chinen: Sometimes I want to get away (laughs).  I spend more time with them than with my parents.

Q: Now that your summer stage show “SUMMARY” is over, can you tell us about something that happened behind-the-scenes?

Yamada: The guys in BEST said they were going to work out to get perfect bodies but no one ever managed to.  Especially Yuya Takaki!

Takaki: What!?

Chinen: Mr Yuya Takaki, when I touched your stomach today, it was soft.

Inoo: But he did try hard, right?

Takaki: Yeah, I was trying hard!

Yamada: You were trying hard but your labor didn’t produce any results (laughs).

Inoo: He only tried hard for a minute or two (laughs).

Nakajima: We’ll give you credit for that.

Takaki: You’re so nice Yuto!

Yabu: What surprised me during “SUMMARY” was when Dai-chan came out of the shower, he took a towel and wrapped it around him like a sumo wrestler and started stomping on the ground.

All: (laughs!)

Arioka: After taking a bath I got really high, like we were about to go on stage, and just did it.  I wanted to make everyone laugh.

Yabu: He was like “Yo!” and me and Inoo-chan started a photoshoot (laughs).

Takaki: What, I didn’t know about this!  It sounded like fun!

Yabu: I’ll show you the photos later (laughs).

Q: Now that it’s mid-autumn, and autumn is the season for big eaters, who eats the most in the group?

Arioka: Keito used to eat a lot.

Yabu: All the leftoevers went to Keito.  If I couldn’t finish something, I’d ask Keito if he wanted it and he’d start munching on it (laughs).

Arioka: Inoo-chan eats the most lately, don’t you think?

Yamada: I’d say so.

Inoo: I eat quite a lot!

Morimoto: You like white rice right?

Inoo: Yup, I love white rice the most.

Takaki: But the thing is, you always order white rice no matter what shop we eat at (laughs).

Yaotome: I get so embarrassed when we go into a shop and the waiter tells you they don’t serve rice, and you yell out this huge “whaaaat!?” like a bossy kid (laughs).

Inoo: Because I want to eat it.

Yaotome: Then start carrying around your own supply of rice with you! (laughs)

Q: Finally, could you talk about what’s in store for JUMP’s fourth year?

Takaki: By April, everyone in BEST will be in their 20s.

All: WOW!

Okamoto: That’s amazing.

Yamada: The average age will go up (laughs).

Yaotome: I think that will help us branch out into more workfields.  We’ve had to worry about work hours because of age restrictions up to now.

Yabu: We’ve had to schedule our concerts so they start early too.  By the time the concert’s finished and it’s time to go home, it clashes with the evening rush hour (laughs).

Chinen: Soon nine of us will be able to take part in the New Year’s countdown concerts.

Inoo: It’s exciting to see that every year more and more of us get to come out for it.

Morimoto: What, are nine of you going next year?

Yamada: Yeah.

Nakajima: You’ll be going solo (laughs).

Morimoto: Am I going to be the only one that can’t go to it next year or the year after!?  Oh man!

Chinen: Just sit on the side-bench.  Watch over us like the director.  Then when we come down from the stage, give us a fist bump.

All: (laughs)

Takaki: The other thing I want us to do is to get more fans.  The other day I met someone who said, “Hey! Say! JUMP made their debut recently, right”…

Arioka: We’ve got to work harder so people can remember each of our names!


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