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Junichi Okada reveals he thought about leaving V6 at 20

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Fans will soon be able to see V6’s Junichi Okada (29) on the silver screen fighting terrorists, but during a TV interview on October 24 the popstar said people might have ended up seeing him in a classroom because he thought about leaving V6 10 years ago, reports Techinsight Japan.


The Johnny’s star is currently busy appearing in a string of TV shows with his SP movie co-stars to promote their upcoming film, but during “ボクらの時代 (Bokura no Jidai)”, Okada had talked about a teaching career he had wanted to pursue as a teenager.

“When I was 20, I wanted to become a school teacher.  I thought about becoming a junior high school history teacher,” he said.

It has been reported that Okada had thought because his group had the number”6″ in their name, it would be a good time to leave after working for six years.

Having joined V6 when he was 14, this would have meant leaving the group when he was 20.


However, it has been reported that when Okada had thought about talking to his agency about his teaching career, he had been offered a role in the drama, “木更津キャッツアイ”.

Taking on the role, the drama aired in Japan from January 2002 and became a huge hit, throwing the spotlight onto Okada’s name as an actor.

Okada had said this was a turning point in his entertainment career.

“I learnt how fun acting could be, so I decided to stay (in the entertainment industry),” he said.


The popstar had continued to say he does not have any plans to become a school teacher anymore.  Yet the fact he had recently become a qualified martial arts instructor raises the possibility he could become a teacher in the future.



Source: http://japan.techinsight.jp/2010/10/okadajunichi-v6-yameru.html


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