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JUMP mode in autumn (Hey! Say! JUMP translation) PART 2

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Monthly TV Fan 2010 December issue

Hey! Say! JUMP

JUMP mode in autumn (interview translation) PART 2


Q: What has changed or how have you grown over the last three years since your debut?

Yamada: I don’t really take notice of those things…but I’ve been able to talk to Inoo by myself recently (laughs).

Morimoto: I haven’t changed at all.  I think I’m less of a person than what my fans think I am, but I do want to step things up.

Arioka: In the beginning I couldn’t talk in front of the camera.  I think I got carried away when I did.  I still get carried away now but I think I’ve gotten better compared to how I used to be.

Yabu: I don’t have to be nice to everyone anymore, in a good way.  When we made our debut I realized I was surrounded by juniors who were looking up to me as their senior.  But gradually that pressure just disappeared.

Takaki: Three years has gone by so fast.  I’m going to make sure I keep learning new things.  After all, we’re only three years old (laughs).

Yaotome: When we celebrated our first anniversary, I felt like Yabu and I had to push the others forward, but now some of them are becoming good rivals.

Q: What do you do, or what would you like to do to pass the time during these long, autumn nights?

Chinen: The other day, I got home from school and starting watching Kanjani8’s concert DVD “PUZZLE”.  I love watching my senior’s concert DVDs.  I also love going to concerts and hearing the crowd’s cheering.

Nakajima: I don’t really like long nights.  I like long evenings.  I wish I could go to a country where the sun doesn’t set.

Morimoto: What would I want to do?  I have this image in my head that the moon looks really nice in autumn.

Takaki: I go for a drive.  I love the sea so I go to the beach pretty much every day.  I just stare at it, and I never get bored.

Inoo: The nights might be longer but it doesn’t mean I get to sleep longer…I go to school, then work, then come home at night and do my homework.

Yaotome: I watch movies or watch videos of when I went on holiday with my friends.  I spend a lot of time just relaxing.

Yabu: I go for walks.  I love listening to the sounds crickets make.

Q: Autumn is the season for reading.  Could you recommend us a book.

Yamada: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s “Chonan Gang”.  It’s really easy to understand.  Watching Korean dramas has made me want to go there.  It’s close by so I think I will get the chance to go there some day.  I want to start learning enough Korean so I don’t have any problems.

Okamoto: Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.  It’s part of my homework for school, but I’ve also wanted to read it myself, so now I’m reading it.  It’s amazing how Shakespeare could think up all of these dialogues for his characters.  It’s hard to memorize them though (laughs).

Arioka: I’m really into a manga called “宇宙兄弟 (Uchu Kyodai)”.  It’s got everything; it moves you and it can make you laugh.  I’m recommending it to a lot of people.

Takaki: “ONEPIECE”. I’d never read it up to now but after hearing the others talk about it, it sounded cool so I bought all of the existing books.

Yaotome: I’m reading the book (comedian due) オードリ (Audrey) gave me, it’s funny.

Q: How do you feel having done “SUMMARY”?

Yamada: To put it into one word, “無 (nil, nothing)”.  I was so absorbed in it I didn’t think of anything else, and it felt like there weren’t any limits to what I could do.  On stage I felt like I could take things as far as I wanted.  There were so many things I could do that I didn’t know where to start, but I ended up doing a lot of things.

Chinen: It was long!  It was really hard to keep my energy levels up for 56 shows straight.  I did things that I’d never do in concerts, like jumping in mid-air or bringing out dogs, so I had to take extra care in doing them.

Takaki: I was completely burnt out!  I put everything into my dancing, but there were a few times around the middle where I found it really tough.  Nevertheless, I managed to fight it and get through it all.

Yabu: I like working for long periods of time so when it all finished, I felt like I could’ve kept on going.  During the season I remember watching Koichi-kun’s (Domoto) SHOCK documentary on TV and thinking that I had no right to be complaining about how hard I was finding work.  I called Yamada straight afterwards and said, “did you watch it?”


“Let’s take it up a notch!”

Q: Autumn is the season to study.  Do you do anything that helps you study better?

Chinen: When I’m in class I’ll keep telling myself, “this is really fun”, and then studying the subject actually does become fun.  Like when I finish calculating something, I’ll think, “I did it!  I knew I had it in me” (laughs).  I get really high afterwards.

Nakajima: Me and my friends take turns in asking each other questions like a quiz show.  It makes it easier for whoever’s asking the question and whoever’s answering the question to remember stuff.  The other thing I’ll also do is memorize everything the day before and on the day of the test.  I find it easier to remember things if it’s close to the day.  Then when one test is done, I’ll forget about everything to do with that subject and start studying for my next test.

Okamoto: When I really want to concentrate, I’ll get out of the house and study at a cafe.

Morimoto: I listen to music when I study.  It helps me concentrate!

Inoo: University is so different from studying at junior or senior high school.  University classes are really hard and it takes a lot of effort to get through it all.  I don’t get a lot of time to study because of work so I’m trying to get into the habit of studying as much as I can during class.

Q: Now that all of you are more developed music artists, have you been writing any songs lately?

Nakajima: I’ll write something down as soon as I think of it, and I hope I can turn those into a song one day.  Most of my lyrics are about life and what it is.  It sounds quite intense (laughs).  I want to try making music too but I don’t have the skills yet…

Okamoto: I’ll write songs from time to time.  I don’t set myself deadlines, but I’ll write it as soon as I think of it.  It’s like how I practice the guitar, I won’t do it every day but I’ll do it when I want to.

Arioka: There’s nothing I’ve written that could be made into an actual song.  Actually, I’ve begun to learn the piano now.  It’s not that I wanted to start a band, but I thought it was something I needed to learn if I wanted to write music.  If you can play an instrument then you can read chords and music sheets.  I’ve got no plans to play during a concert, I’ll leave that up to Ino-chan.

Inoo: I do want to (write songs), but I can never find the time.  I do like using the piano to make new melodies.  I also want to try writing lyrics, but nothing comes to mind.  Maybe I’m still a kid inside (laughs).


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