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SP movie kicks off in Japan with opening event

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New martial arts instructor Junichi Okada (29) did not hesitate to correct his co-star’s fighting poses at their movie’s opening event, reports Sponichi Annex, Sports Hochi, and Mainichi Shinbum Digital.


“SP THE MOTION PICTURE 野望篇 (Yabo volume, Ambition volume)” opened in 396 cinemas across Japan yesterday, and Okada and the movie’s cast appeared at an event at Tokyo’s Scalaza TOHO Cinema.


It has been reported that as actress Yoko Maki (28) had tried to recreate the kicking moves she had done in her fighting scenes, Okada was not shy to correct her form.

“You need to lift your leg up higher,” he said.


Okada’s co-star Yu Kamio (40), who has a black belt in karate, had said the popstar was a fighter who sometimes got the urge to let out his stress during midnight shoots.

“During a night-time shoot, Okada-kun started yelling out, ‘I want to kick someone, I want to do a low kick,’ so I said I’d take him on.  But it hurt because his (kicking) speed and timing was perfect,” he said.


Although heavy rains and winds battered the capital yesterday, it has been reported that Okada had thanked the packed theater of 654 fans who had come.

“I am very happy that you have come to see this movie despite the oncoming typhoon and strong rain.

“(During filming) there were a lot of walls stopping me from getting through the action scenes, but I was able to tear them down thanks to the director, staff, and the cast.  I really appreciate all of their help.

“I was so excited about today I didn’t get any sleep last night.  It’s taken me 7, 8 years to get to here so it means a lot,” he said.


The movie continues on from the SP drama story which had aired in 2007.  It takes place a month after where the drama had finished, where Kaoru Inoue (Okada) and his team at the Metropolitan Police Department Security Police Division try to stop terrorists in Tokyo.

Divided into two parts, with the Ambition volume being the first, the second part, “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 革命篇 (Kakumei volume, Revolution volume)” will be released in spring 2011.


More than 12,000 fans applied to attend yesterday’s event.

Actress Yoko Maki (28) tries to strike her kicking pose (photo thanks to Mainichi Shinbum Digital)



Source: http://mantan-web.jp/2010/10/30/20101030dog00m200039000c.html




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