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In the Johnny’s headlines while I was away

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Nov 2

  • KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi (24) was re-united with his Gokusen drama co-star Yukie Nakama (31) at a promotional event for Panasonic’s electronic beauty products, titled “キレイを贈るクリスマス (Kirei wo Okuru Christmas, Giving a Beautiful Christmas)”.



Quotes: “Kamenashi-kun acted like a newcomer years ago, but he had his own opinions, which I thought made him a responsible kid.  Now he’s growing into an adult man.  I’m so happy.” (Nakama talking about Kamenashi five years ago when they had worked together in Gokusen)

“In one way, I get the message that she’s put a lot of thought into it.  I think it’s a present that shows how much she loves you.” (Kamenashi on what he thinks about couples exchanging electronic beauty products for Christmas)

“I’d like to spend the day with someone I care about.  Having fun together or just chilling out, I want to be able to relax somewhere where we can enjoy each other’s company.  It’d make me happy if it snowed too.” (Kamenashi on what his ideal Christmas date would be if he had the day off)


Nov 3

  • Arashi become the first group (i.e. not an individual) to host NHK’s 61st New Year’s Eve music special 紅白歌合戦 (Kohaku Uta Gassen), and will support the white men’s team.  The red women’s team host has been announced as actress Nao Matsushita (25). http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/confidence/81719/


Nov 4


Nov 5

nothing I could find


Nov 6

nothing I could find


Nov 7

  • Tackey & Tsubasa had held their tour’s final concert in Yokohama.  Tsubasa revealed that Tackey had rented out Tokyo Dome for six hours for his 29th birthday, giving him a surprise baseball match on October 19, complete with a half-time show.  This tour had gone to three venues where the duo had performed a total of nine concerts.  On this day, 50 lucky fans got the chance to go backstage, experience the stage lifts, and take a group photo with the guys.  The fans had the winning numbers in a special raffle taken part by those who had pre-ordered a copy of the duo’s upcoming single.




Quotes: “We’ll hold another event or concert next March, and then after that we’ll start another tour.” (Tackey)

“I got goosebumps when I saw how happy our fans were.” (Tackey talking about performing in front of the day’s 15,000 fans)

“This has become an unforgettable tour, you fans lead us to this stage.” (Tsubasa)

  • Drama “99年の愛 (99nen no Ai)〜JAPANESE AMERICANS〜”, starring SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, gets 19.1% TV ratings on it’s final night in Japan’s Kanto region, show figures from Video Research.  It’s highest rating moment peaked at 23.8% during episode five. http://www.oricon.co.jp/news/confidence/81838/


Nov 8

  • Kanjani8’s Yu Yokoyama (29) will play a shy police investigator in his upcoming crime drama, which will start in January 2011.  The drama’s title is yet to be announced, but the lead role will be played by actress Nao Matsushita (25), who will play an outspoken police investigator.  It has been reported that Yokoyama’s character is an old friend of Matsushita’s, and has had a crush on Matsushita’s character since their days at the police academy. http://www.zakzak.co.jp/entertainment/ent-news/news/20101108/enn1011081602009-n1.htm


  1. Yan
    22:10 JST November 9, 2010 at 10:10 PM

    Yay! You’re back! ^^

    • 00:05 JST November 10, 2010 at 12:05 AM


      Yes! I’m back! I even went to work within 6 hours of getting back to Tokyo…which might explain why I’m so sleepy right now.

      Anyway, thanks for coming back!

      Momo xoxo

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