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Matsujun’s cute commercial co-star

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Jun Matsumoto's co-star (photo thanks to Oricon)

While Jun Matsumoto’s (27) Arashi group members have been cleaning, washing, and running around in their Hitachi electronic product commercials, he will get a fluffy co-star in his, reports Oricon yesterday.

Matsumoto has been chosen to advertise Hitachi’s latest room air conditioner, which will go on sale from December.

To date, Hitachi’s commercials have featured Sho Sakurai with vacuum cleaners, Masaki Aiba with washing machines, Kazunari Ninomiya with refrigerators, and Satoshi Ohno with drum type washer and dryers.

Scene from Hitachi commercial (photo thanks to Oricon)

The commercial follows Matsumoto, who finds something moving inside a cardboard box on the way home from his local convenience store in the rain.  Reading a message on the box saying, “please look after it”, Matsumoto utters, “want to come (to my place)?”.

After bringing the dog home and drying it with a towel, the white dog lets out a loud roar, prompting Matsumoto to say, “are you a polar bear!?”.

The new commercial will go on air in Japan from November 13.

(photo thanks to Hitachi website)


Source: http://life.oricon.co.jp/81849/

Hitachi’s Arashi website: http://kadenfan.hitachi.co.jp/tashizan/index.html


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