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My multi-tasking with a dash of Harajuku and Aoyama

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So straight into things, I’m working on one email and two blogs at the same time and drinking hot apple tea at the same time.

I’m surprised I’m wide awake.  I better take advantage of it and start writing about things on my mind.


Massu on Sekai Marumie! a few hours ago

Massu, your clothes are epic.

Honestly, red and black checkered sarouel pants, a black t-shirt with multi-colored flowers, and topped off with a white/grey vest.

I think Massu is the only person who can pull this outfit off.

He didn’t get to talk too much this time throughout the show, but he did get about half a minute to himself when the hosts were asking guests whether they had had an experience being chased by something.

Massu had said he walks around Omotesando a lot on his free days, then every now and then a bunch of girls will be following him from a distance and whispering to one another, “is that Takahisa Masuda?”, “it’s him!  No, maybe?”, “go talk to him”, “no!”.

He said he would rather people come and talk to him already.

Then, one time a girl did come running up to him and shouted, “it’s not him!”.  Tension down Massu.


But, wait…I walk around Omotesando a bit too much too…so, does that mean I’ve passed Massu at least once without noticing?

Actually, I probably have and didn’t notice for two reasons:

One, I’m on a mission to find a certain item of clothing that I don’t really look around anything else, and two, once I put on my iPod headphones I’m in my own world.

Then, the guests on today’s show got to eat some new Taiyaki (like pancakes in the shape of fish with sweet or savoury filling in between) that Yuko Ogura had invented.

I wish the camera would show Massu more when he was eating…he did yell out, “hot!” at one point which was cute.

All in all, to me Massu looked very quiet and cool today, but that’s another side I like to see XD


K-chan news was on before

Today’s guest was Shige (>v<)/  …who still likes going out fishing with Arashi’s Ohno.

It was cute to hear Shige say that Ohno falls asleep a lot.

That and it was sweet to hear that Ohno had said he would be there to listen to Shige when something was bothering him.

…then somehow the conversation moved onto Koyama saying he likes cucumbers right now.

Not that there’s anything bad with cucumbers, I like them too.

Then Koyama talked about how he has never been to Europe and wants to go to Italy.

Oh, really?  Koyama, you’ve never been to Europe?

You have no idea what you’re missing out on!

Koyama and Shige went on to talk about how lucky Tegomass have been to go to Sweden on work and experience Europe.

I suppose I should consider myself lucky too for having been sent off to Europe on work as well…


Aoyama and Harajuku have become two places I like to go to a lot these days.

While Harajuku is excellent for shopping (and trying to find Massu), Aoyama has a lot of trendy cafes, interior shops, bookstores, and lots of Johnny’s billboards, yay!

Okay, definately gone overboard with this post.

Better get back to work!  Have an awesome and safe week everyone!

Momo xoxo

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