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SP birthday cake for Junichi Okada

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Junichi Okada's birthday cake (photo thanks to Oricon)

Hundreds of fans, SP movie co-stars and staff sang happy birthday to Junichi Okada (30) as he celebrated his 30th birthday at an SP event in Tokyo yesterday, reports Eiga.com and Oricon.


The V6 star and the cast and staff of  “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 野望篇 (Yabo volume, Ambition volume)” had been attending a special event to thank fans for the movie’s success to date.  Since its release on October 30, the movie has been seen by more than 1.8 million people, taking in more than 2 billion yen at the box office, and has stayed at the top of the movie charts for the past three weeks.


A large SP birthday cake was brought out for Okada, who had just turned 30 years old, and the 600 strong crowd sang happy birthday to the star.

“I will never forget about how I celebrated this milestone 30th birthday.  I wonder if someone would use magic on me like in Harry Potter,” he said as he made a reference to the latest Harry Potter movie that will hit Japanese cinemas today.


Looking back on his 20s, Okada had said they were full of memories of SP work.

“It’s like it was almost fate that I had spent most of my late 20s working on SP, and now a movie’s been released in the year I turn 30.  I hope I can make more movies in my 30s that adults can enjoy.  I hope I can work with this team here again,” he said.


Okada said he wanted to thank those fans who have seen the movie several times, especially one woman in the crowd who had seen the movie 18 times in the past 20 days.

“That must mean she’s seen it almost every day.  I guess by now she’s thinking, ‘show me the Revolution episode already’,” he said.


Okada and the film’s director said the two of them had made a bet that if the movie was a flop, they would become monks.

“We were talking about shaving our heads and becoming monks,” Okada said.


To finish things off, Okada left fans with a hint about what to expect from part two of the movie which will be released next year.

“There’s a scene in the Revolution episode movie where I went through a lot of pain and trouble to act my character.”



Source: http://movie.goo.ne.jp/contents/news/NFE201011180018/index.html



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