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Why Johnny’s returned to the Japan Records Awards

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Best Vocal Performer of the year winner Masahiko Kondo (46) and his talent agency have released comments about their return to the Japan Record Awards, reports Sports Hochi and Sponichi Annex.


Kondo had major wins at the Japan Record Awards in 1981 (Best New Artist) and 1987 (Japan Record Award), and will make his first appearance at the televised award ceremony in 22 years.

“I’m very happy with winning the best vocal performer because it means I’ve been recognized as a singer,” Kondo said.


The singer also said the win had given him something proud to report about to his late mother on November 24, which marks 24 years since her passing.

The song he had been awarded for, “心 ざんばら (Kokoro Zanbara)”, is about a man who comes face to face with the death of someone he loves.  The judges had said Kondo had been able to express the song to its highest potential.


His return, however, has been significant because Johnny’s & Associates had declined to nominate their artists for award competitions since the early 1990s.


The last time a Johnny’s artist had won at the Japan Record Awards was in 1990 when 忍者 Ninja had won Best New Artist, but since then the agency had refused to nominate its artists because they had feared it would create unwanted competition between groups within Johnny’s.


A comeback was anticipated in 2006 after SMAP had sold more than 2 million records for their single “世界に一つだけの花 (Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana)”, but the agency had still declined to the nominate the group saying that like the lyrics in the song, it was more important to be the “only one” rather than “no.1”.


But Johnny’s had released comments saying they had nominated and accepted Kondo’s latest win because the singer has had a long relationship with the Japan Record Awards.  The agency had stressed it does not mean Johnny’s will be nominating other groups for similar awards from next year, and still wants to keep their singers away from competing against one another.



Source: http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/news/2010/11/20/01.html




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