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My week @(・●・)@

00:50 JST November 23, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hello hello!

So I’ve got a tough week ahead at work but I’ll be in an out because blogging helps me take a break from chaos.

Straight into it then!

Some friends went to see Arashi in concert in Tokyo Dome over the weekend, ohhh so jealous!

I did get told that Matsujun’s solo was very cute, he does a routine like a Super Mario game.  According to my friends, he glided across the dome hanging by wires and did jumps like Mario in a gameboy game 🙂

Hope it comes out on DVD!  But will it be the concert tour or the national stadium concert that goes on DVD…?


So Yamapi has a solo asia tour next year!

Yay!!! (clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap)  A chance to see Yamapi in concert finally!

Definately will go see him in Tokyo, although I’m not sure which day I can go.

But if Yamapi is on tour from late Jan – May, that means there won’t be a NEWS concert until next summer at the earliest, waaaaaaaaah!!!

I’m waiting for Tegomass to announce something during that time, hopefully.  Please Johnny’s, please let me see Massu and Tego early next year!

I know Tego has his new drama coming up next year, but…I want to see Tego and Massu singing together (>v<)/

My battle plan is to take a NEWS fan to the concert because as much as I love Yamapi, I love him in NEWS more.

Which brings me to my next problem….

There’s been a lot of talk over the internet about whether Yamapi is going solo for good…

Although he has told fans he wouldn’t leave the group, there’s one particular quote that’s got fans buzzing.

“I want to do complicated dance routines with professional dancers.  It’s hard to raise the difficulty level of dance moves when there are six of us practising together.” (Daily Sports http://www.daily.co.jp/gossip/article/2010/11/18/0003614568.shtml)

I do need to stress I haven’t found this exact quote anywhere else in the news.  Other news sources say that what Yamapi meant was that the six of them have different schedules so they only have a limited amount of time to learn dance routines, which is why the difficulty level isn’t as high as it could be.

But I’ve read a few fan blogs saying that some fans are upset because the quote also seems to imply that Yamapi doesn’t think his group is good enough.

A friend told me a challenge for NEWS is that they were never established as a group because so many members are part of other groups or work solo.

Ouch……..  _| ̄|○

Okay, she has a point, but that’s why I love it when NEWS come back together.

Each member comes back with new skills, new dance moves; something that makes the group more powerful.


Speaking of solo…Keiichi Igarashi (29)!

Ex-Johnny’s Jr. member Igarashi is making his manga essay debut under the name Nanami Igarashi.

The book explores his life as a cross-dresser.  He looks so cute.



It’s K-chan News time 🙂

Koyama and Tegoshi this week 😀

A reader had asked the two what they would do if they could choose their siblings.

Tegoshi said he wanted a little sister, about 2, 3 years younger than him, to take care of, especially when it came to boyfriends.

Tegoshi: She’ll bring him home, and I can go, “wait a sec”.  If he talks like a slacker I’d just go, “go home, now”.

He said it would be alright if the boyfriend introduces himself properly, “I’m going out with Yuka”.

Koyama said he wanted a little brother.  Someone he could hang out with, and when he brought home a girlfriend, Koyama could say things like, “hey, you’re doing alright”, or, “so how’d you get such pretty girl?”

Finally, Tegoshi went to see Koyama’s stage show today.  Monday November 22.  Tegoshi went to see Koyama’s show.

Tell me these things before you do them Tegonyan!  Not that I’d hang around the stage hall hours before and after waiting for you….never………………. :p

Ok, time to get some sleep.

See y’all and have a fab week.

Momo xoxo

  1. 22:18 JST November 23, 2010 at 10:18 PM

    Ah… Momo!! I’m so envious that you are in Japan! You can basically go hang out all those places they frequent and have a chance to catch a glimpse of any of NEWS members, and even go for their concerts!! Personally I will die happy if I can even see Massu or Yamapi from a distance… :S

    • 00:22 JST November 24, 2010 at 12:22 AM


      lol, i haven’t seen anyone from NEWS yet!
      Well, okay, I did see Ryo once but that was years ago before he was in NEWS. I was in a department store elevator with him in Osaka (and about 20 other middle-aged shopping women)
      I went totally silent when I saw Massu up close in concert! He is so cute….like, really really cute.

      I hope you can come to Japan soon!

      Momo xoxo

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