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Masaki Aiba will not disappoint in new drama

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Bartender Ryu Sasakura (photo thanks to Oricon)

Arashi’s Masaki Aiba (27) promises to make his upcoming winter drama “Bartender” a show to end the week for everyone as details have been revealed, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital, Sports Hochi, and Oricon on November 22.


The drama will follow Ryu Sasakura, a man with a talent for making cocktails.  Despite winning a top cocktail-making competition in Europe, Ryu comes back to Japan after being sacked by his mentor and starts his career from scratch again.  His customers come from different backgrounds and talk to him about their problems at work, love, or family.  Then, Ryu solves his customer’s problems within one drink.


It has been reported the popstar had begun training under a professional cocktail maker since September, and has been studying what kind of alcoholic drinks exist before filming begins in mid-December.


“I want to make an unforgettable cocktail in this drama every week!  I hope the show becomes the thing everyone sits down and relaxes to at the end of the week,” he said.


The drama’s producer has been reported to have said she chose Aiba because she kept imagining him playing Ryu, the man who does not disappoint his customers or his profession.


This is Aiba’s second drama lead role since “My Girl” in 2009.


“Bartender” is based on the manga series, which have already published 17 volumes and more than 2.7 million copies over the past six years.

The drama has been slotted into the Friday night TV schedule.



Source: http://mantan-web.jp/2010/11/24/20101123dog00m200051000c.html




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