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Massu in Sweden!?

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(Tension MAX (;゜0゜))

When!!!  Why!!!  Why wasn’t Tegoshi with him!!!  Why haven’t I heard anything from European fans!!!

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆



I’ve read in several fan blogs that in the J-Web’s NEWSmile, yesterday’s post had said Takahisa Masuda (24) went to Europe and Sweden for work and sightseeing!

Apparently Massu went on Tegomass’ debut anniversary day! (Nov 15)


But according to Yamapi’s diary, he said NEWS had had an interview together on Nov 19 so does that mean Massu was only gone for four days?


It doesn’t sound like it was a holiday because it had said ‘work’….I hope I’ll hear what it was all about soon.


Anyway, sorry for my slackness in posts this week.

At work we’re preparing for a huge event tomorrow and I’ve been working more than 14 hours every day this week (@_@)

I’ll be fully functional again this weekend, but until then, this news of Massu in Europe will be running around in my head 😀




Momo xoxo


Work?  What work?  Will Tegomass go back to Europe??

So many questions!

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