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TOKIO to Arashi, it’s a 5-and-a-half hour Johnny’s marathon at New Year’s

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Johnny’s will dominate Japan’s Nihon TV channel from 6pm on New Year’s day 2011, it was revealed yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

The night will kick off with TOKIO’s “THE ウルトラマン DASH 奇跡の3分間を目撃せよ (THE ULTRAMAN DASH Kiseki no 3-punkan wo Mokugeki seyo, THE ULTRAMAN DASH, Witness 3-minute miracles)”, a two hour special which will be different from their “ザ!鉄腕!DASH!!” variety.

The show will follow TOKIO members as they meet experts  in sports such as sky diving, tightrope walking, or bungy jumping, and challenge them to perform miraculous acts like change clothes while sky diving, or break an egg perfectly while bungy jumping.

The second show of the night will be a 2-and-a-half hour special of Arashi’s “嵐にしやがれ元旦2時間半SP (Arashi ni Shiyagare, Gantan 2-jikanhan SP, New Year’s 2-and-a-half hour SP)”.  As usual, Arashi will not be told who the guests are until they arrive on set, but it has been reported the special will feature two famous guests.

TOKIO’s Shigeru Joshima (40) and Arashi’s Sho Sakurai (28) had been reported to be excited about their Johnny’s all-nighter.

“I want to start from TOKYO (TOKIO), and let an Arashi (storm) of variety blow over the country,” Joshima said.

“TOKIO are big brothers to us so I hope we can live up to their standards and make this a memorable New Year’s,” Sakurai said.


Source: http://www.sanspo.com/geino/news/101127/gng1011270506000-n1.htm


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