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My 300th post ♪( ´▽`)

11:08 JST November 30, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hooray, it’s been 6 months but I’ve finally reached my 300th post XD


Thank you to everyone who comes here, reads my news and puts up with my occasional rants and mistakes (clap clap clap clap clap)


It’s Yuri Chinen’s (Hey! Say! JUMP) birthday today too!  Yay!  A few days ago Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) turned the big 3-0 too!  Wow!

And he’s still as amazing as ever, kya~~~~~

So many things to celebrate 😀


Actually, I’ve been hearing reports that GANTZ will be shown in the US with English dubbing…arrrrrrrrgh!  Not so great…never been a big fan of dubbing…

It’s a shame, but I wonder who they’re going to get to do Nino’s voice…?


Anyway, have an awesome day everyone!


Momo xoxo

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  1. hchaengbok
    12:26 JST November 30, 2010 at 12:26 PM

    Congratulation to your 300th post \O/
    thx for your kindness and work hard for JR’s fan who can’t understand Japanese language ^^

    I love to read your life also haha
    I think you’re so happiness person ^^

    thx again ❤

    • 13:48 JST November 30, 2010 at 1:48 PM


      Thanks 🙂

      Lol, I think that when I blog I get happy because I’m not always that cheerie!

      Thanks for reading my posts all the time!

      Momo xoxo

  2. joan
    21:47 JST November 30, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    i was hoping i could congratulate you first… but oh well, at least i’m second 😀


    when i first came here, you were just starting this blog and then, and then, and then now, see? :DDD you’ve posted so many things about JE! XDD

    thanks for your hardwork and for keeping us updated 🙂
    you help me a lot since you know i do share your works and not just me, you helped a lot of fans too 🙂

    i’m really glad i came across to see this on the ‘news and tegomass page’ on FB ^^


    • 22:16 JST November 30, 2010 at 10:16 PM


      Thank you!!! Wow, you have been coming for a while joan! 😀
      Thank you thank you XD

      Lol, and I still luv visiting the same JE websites over and over again every day (^-^)/

      Momo xoxo

      • joan
        23:12 JST November 30, 2010 at 11:12 PM

        lol XDD
        *cross fingers* i’m not stalking. i’m not stalking. i’m not stalking. XDDD

        you’re welcome momo-chan! 🙂
        hope to continue reading updates from you ne? *glomps*

  3. Aninochi
    11:48 JST December 1, 2010 at 11:48 AM

    The third congratulations would be from me then. And the first post I write on your blog.

    Congratulations on reaching 300!! ^w^

    I’ve been reading your blog for maybe two months now. And I just have to say: Thank you! You’re writing the best Johnny’s newsblog I’ve come across so far. Seriously. You have no idea how hard it was to find news before I discovered this page. 😀

    • 12:43 JST December 1, 2010 at 12:43 PM


      Thank you for coming so many times 😀

      And first comment (clap clap clap clap clap)
      Gosh, I hope my endless rants about Massu didn’t get you scared from commenting before!
      Feel free to bombard me with comments if I get to a point where I start talking about all of the clothes Massu has worn in the past year.

      Thank you too 🙂 It’s a lot of fun doing this blog, even I get annoyed sometimes that I can’t write up things as soon as I hear them because I’m at work (–;)

      Momo xoxo

      • Aninochi
        13:17 JST December 1, 2010 at 1:17 PM

        No worries ^^ I don’t mind ranting about Massu. He’s way too cute to be annoying.
        The reason I didn’t comment was simply that I’m more of a lurker person. I watch a lot of stuff, but it usually takes some effort for me to actually comment.

        Personally I’m a big fan of KAT-TUN and Kamenashi (before the autotune era, though). I like rock 😀 But I enjoy most of Johnny’s music.

      • 14:09 JST December 1, 2010 at 2:09 PM


        That’s cool 🙂
        I hardly comment myself too.

        Kame’s so cool (>v<)
        He and Nakamaru are my favourites in KAT-TUN I think.
        Rock is definately amazing, yay!

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