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Merry Christmas messages: NEWS

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010


Yamashita: Hello

All: We are NEWS!

Koyama: So, it’s already Christmas time

Kato: So soon, it’s already Merry Christmas

Koyama: What do you think about when someone talks about Christmas, Massu?

Masuda: Christmas…I quite like it

Koyama: You like it

Kato: I always have this image of Massu wearing a reindeer costume every Christmas

Masuda: Oh!  The one I wear at concerts.  Usually at concerts around this time, I usually wear the reindeer (outfit)

Kato: The same one every year

Masuda: I have this urge to spread happiness to everyone


Koyama: Acutally, Tegoshi gave it a go once too, he dressed up as Santa

Tegoshi: I did!  I did!  With K-chan as the boy and I played the girl

Kato: At a concert?

Tegoshi: Yeah, yeah, yeah!  We did it in Nagoya

Kato: You remember well

Koyama: It’s gone by so quick, (the year’s) almost over now

Kato: Looking back over the year

Koyama: But I guess we were able to go on tour, that was probably the most significant thing for NEWS

Yamashita: Thank you very much

All: Thank you very much

Koyama: Hopefully we can do another one soon

Kato: And we released some singles, and we released an album

Koyama: And of course…well, in 2010 but as soon as next year starts we have Yamapi’s

Kato: It’s time

Koyama: It’s time, I’m looking forward to it

Yamashita: “Ashita no Jo” live action film, will be released in February next year so if you have some time to spare I hope you will go and see it

Kato: I’m really looking forward to it

Koyama: I remember Yamapi was in a constant battle with this

Yamashita: I seriously did fight for this

Koyama: All that weight he lost

Kato: Looking forward to it

Koyama: Right, that’s a wrap!!

All: This was a message from NEWS!


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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