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Merry Christmas messages: Toma Ikuta

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Toma Ikuta

Hello, this is Toma Ikuta.

I have an announcement to make about my new stage show!

Starting next year from February 2nd, Mishima Double “Madame de Sade” and “My Friend Hitler”, that’s two plays I’ll be doing with my senior Noriyuki Higashiyama-san.

It’ll be at the Bunkamura Theater Cocoon (Tokyo) from February 2nd to March 2nd.

Then in Osaka’s Theater BRAVA! from March 8th to March 20th.

It’s being directed by Yukio Ninagawa-san, from Yukio Mishima’s plays.

It’s going to be a very challenging two-play show, but I hope as many of you can come and see it!

And, I also have a movie coming out.  The movie’s called “Genjimonogatari” and it’ll be released in 2011.

We’re filming it right now, and I’m doing my best every day so I hope you all look forward to it when it comes out!!

And, I also have a drama coming out.  The drama is Seicho Matsumoto’s two-night drama special “Kyukei no Koya” on Fuji TV.  It’s a story set in the early Showa period, I’ll be dressed in Ivy League clothes as I play a young police investigator.  So, please, it’ll go on air from Friday November 26 from 9pm to 10:52pm, and then part two from on Saturday November 27 from 9pm to 11:10pm!  I hope you can watch it, it’s a really good show!

It’s getting colder every day now, but I hope you all enjoy every day and don’t catch a cold!

If something comes up, let’s meet again here!

So, that was me, Toma Ikuta!

It’s almost Christmas!!  I wonder what you’re all going to be doing on Christmas.  I hope you all have a great time this Christmas!!

Merry Christmas♪


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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