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Merry Christmas messages: TOKIO

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010


Matsuoka: To everyone watching Johnny’s Net, hello!

All: We are TOKIO

Nagase: It’s Christmas

Matsuoka: It’s Christmas


Yamaguchi: Congratulations!

Matsuoka: Now, time to promote our shows


TOKIO’s “5LDK” show.

Nagase: Every Thursday

Matsuoka: At 11pm on Fuji TV!!

And “鉄腕DASH!! (Tetsuwan DASH)” on Nihon TV!  At

Yamaguchi: 7pm

Matsuoka: From 7pm!

And Kokubun-san!

Kokubun: Yes.  “おもろゲ動画SHOW投稿! 1000000000ビュー (Omoroge Douga SHOW Toukou! 1000000000 views)”.  It’s on every Wednesday after midnight

Matsuoka: 10 million!

Joshima: Then I, Joshima am on “天才をつくる!ガリレオ脳研 (Tensai wo Tsukuru! Galileo Noken, Create Geniuses!  Galileo Brain Research)” every Saturday from 7:54pm on TV Asahi.  We’re also welcoming more people to take part in it!!

Matsuoka: Do you make geniuses?

Joshima: Let’s make some geniuses!

Yamaguchi: And on Nihon TV, I’m doing a show called “魔女たちの22時 (Majo-tachi no 22:00)”.  It’s on every Tuesday from 10pm.  I hope to see more of you come to this!!  Please!!  We’ve had people come in from overseas!!  So, please come visit us!

Matsuoka: That show is amazing.  You record it on Monday and air it on Monday.

Yamaguchi: Oh!  Thanks for talking about the show more!


Yamaguchi: It’s aired immediately

Matsuoka: It’s so that none of the information gets leaked out.  That was a really smart thing Nihon TV had thought up!  Although I’m a little annoyed they’re using our Yamaguchi for it


Yamaguchi: I hope you continue to show your support from TOKIO

Matsuoka: And I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas.  This was a message from TOKIO who want to become your Santa Claus.


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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