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Merry Christmas messages: V6

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010


Inohara: Hello!

All: We are V6!!

Inohara: So, getting right into it, Sakamoto-san, you have a musical coming up next year.

Sakamoto: Yes I do, I’m doing “ZORRO”!


Okada: That’s the one where he writes “Z” right??

Sakamoto: Everyone knows about Zorro don’t they?

Okada: You’re Saka Banderas right?

Sakamoto: I’m not Banderas

Inohara: I kind of what to go and see it.  And Morita, you too

Morita: Yes, I’m doing a play, “Kinkakuji”, at the Kanagawa Geijyutsu Gekijo Hall from January next year so please come and see me!!

Inohara: As for us, V6, we’ve got a show called “Mission V6” on every Tuesday!

And Nagano-kun, you’re also on every Wednesday

Nagano: That’s right, my show “Ryori no Kaijin” has started, it’s on every Wednesday from 9pm on TV Tokyo!!  I hope you can watch this too!

Inohara: As for me, I’ve been on NHK’s “Asaichi” show!  And a Fuji TV show called “Hyakushikiou”.

Ken-kun, you’re also on Fuji TV!

Miyake: Yes, it’s a show called “Kinyo no Kiseki” that’s on every Friday from 7:57pm to 8:54pm.  Please watch it!!

Inohara: Okada-kun is on “SP”, in cinemas now!!

Okada: It’s in cinemas…is it?  I think it is, yes!!  The Kakumei volume comes out next spring as well so don’t forget to watch that as well, please!!

Inohara: For Christmas this year, DVD “V6 ASIA TOUR 2010 in JAPAN READY?”

Morita: I hope people watch it!

Inohara: I hope you can spend some time watching this on the day.  I hope you all keep supporting us, please!


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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  1. 20:06 JST February 1, 2011 at 8:06 PM

    XD Love V6! If I’m in Japan, I’m sure won’t miss their tv shows. How I miss Gakkou e Ikou! & desperately wanna watch Mission V6! Are u in Japan, Momoe-san?

    • 10:27 JST February 2, 2011 at 10:27 AM


      I used to love watching “学校へ行こう (Gakkou he Ikou)” too! I really liked it when they went around schools in Japan and got students to shout out a confession 😀

      Yes, I live in Tokyo, Japan 🙂

      Momo xoxo

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