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Merry Christmas messages: B.I.Shadow

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010


All: Merry Christmas!  We are B.I.Shadow~!!  Yay!


Kouchi: I’m Yugo Kouchi, I’m 16 years-old.  Nice to meet you!

Matsumura: I’m Hokuto Matsumura, I’m 15 years-old.  Nice you meet you!

Kikuchi: I’m Fuma Kikuchi, I’m 15 years-old.  Nice to meet you!

Nakajima: I’m Kento Nakajima, I’m 16 years-old.  Nice to meet you!

Kouchi: So I’m in Nihon TV’s show “スクール革命! (School Kakumei!)” with Yamada-kun, Chinen-kun, and Hikaru-kun, which is on air every Sunday from 11:45am.  I hope as many of you can watch it.  Please watch it!!

Matsumura: And, on “The Shonen Club” on NHK-BS2

Nakajima: We’re all in it

Kikuchi: There’s also TV Tokyo’s “週末YY JUMPing (Shumatsu YY JUMPing)”, where we make an appearance every now and then so please check that out too!

Nakajima: We pop out in a lot of places so I hope you continue to support us, please!

All: Yes, please!  Merry Christmas!  Bye byeee

Nakajima: Have a great Christmas


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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