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Matsujun thought he was going to dress in drag for his mascara commercial

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Fasio commercial (photo thanks to KOSE website)

Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto’s (27) role in a women’s mascara commercial has earned him a special Best Beauty Commercial Award at a cosmetics award ceremony in Tokyo today, reports Oricon.

Matsumoto, who became the face for KOSE’s Fasio mascara line, was recognized by the VOCE BEAUTY AWARDS 2010, who said that by using a man to advertise women’s cosmetics was like a breath of fresh air.

It has been reported that after the Johnny’s star was awarded his trophy, he talked about how he felt in the first stages of the project.

“When I first heard about the commercial, I thought they going to dress me in drag.  I’m surprised (about this award), but at the same time feel very grateful.

“If they had asked me to dress in drag, I don’t think I would’ve been given this award,” he said.

In the commercial, Matsumoto plays an eyelash shop owner whose makeup skills are used for his women customers.

Today, the star sent out a message to women who spend every day making themselves the best that they can be.

“I hope you can find a beauty that suits only you and enjoy it.  I like a woman who enjoys putting in the effort to be beautiful,” he said.

The VOCE BEAUTY AWARDS are hosted by women’s magazine VOCE where award winners in six categories are selected by 30 hair & makeup artists and beauty journalists.


Source: www.oricon.co.jp/news/movie/82781/full/

KOSE Fasio website: www.kose.co.jp/jp/ja/products/brand/fasio/sp/#/top/


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