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Merry Christmas messages: Hip Hop JUMP

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Hip Hop JUMP

All: Merry Christmas!  We are Hip Hop JUMP!

Morohoshi: I’m Shoki Morohoshi.  I’m 16 years-old

Hagiya: I’m Keigo Hagiya.

Koki Tanaka: Do it properly.  Say how old you are

Hagiya: I, couldn’t remember just now.  14?

Koki Tanaka: 14?

Hagiya: About 14

Koki Tanaka: You’re 14, okay.  Right, what about you?  What’s your name then?

Tanaka: I’m Jyuri Tanaka

Koki Tanaka: Jyuri?

Tanaka: Jyuri

Koki Tanaka: Right, Jyuri, how old are you?

Tanaka: 15

Koki Tanaka: 15, okay.  Why the long face


Kadoi: I’m Kento Kadoi

Koki Tanaka: What?

Kadoi: Kento Kadoi

Koki Tanaka: Kento, right.  How old are you?

Kadoi: 13

Koki Tanaka: 13.  Okay.  Name.

Murata: I’m Rikito Murata

Koki Tanaka: What?

Murata: Rikito Murata

Koki Tanaka: Rikito!  How old are you?

Murata: 15

Koki Tanaka: 15?

Jesse: I’m Lewis Jesse

Koki Tanaka: You sneak Jesse


Jesse, how old are you?

Jesse: 14

Koki Tanaka: What?

Jesse: I’m 14

Koki Tanaka: 14?  You’re smaller than I thought.

So, getting into things, Hip Hop JUMP

Tanaka: Why are you here Koki?

Koki Tanaka: Huh


Because you don’t have any punch.  You don’t have any punch so I thought I’d come and help out today.  Well, lets get on with things and get each of you to say something

Hagiya: I’m Keigo Hagiya, I’ve recently started learning drums

Koki Tanaka: Oh, cool!

Hagiya: I go the chance to play them during “Shumatsu YY JUMPing” once

Koki Tanaka: Promote yourself, promote yourself

Murata: Yes!

Koki Tanaka: Oh, there you go!

Murata: I’m Rikito Murata.  I’m a little different to Hagiya-kun, but I’ve started to learn the guitar

Koki Tanaka: Oh, cool!

Morohoshi: Um, I can do acrobatics

Koki Tanaka: Wow

Morohosi: I get to do it on “Shonen Club” sometimes

Koki Tanaka: Really?

Morohoshi: Thank you

Koki Tanaka: What about you?

Tanaka: I’m Jyuri Tanaka.  I’m doing the rapping for now.


Koki Tanaka: Okay, you’re sweating here

Jesse: I can do a Donald Duck impersonation

Koki Tanaka: Ok, do it, do it, do it

(Donald Duck sound impersonation)

That’s good! Should we start doing impersonations? Go go

Kadoi: “I’m Winnie the Pooh” (impersonation)

Koki Tanaka: I can’t tell if it’s good or not


Lets aim to do something more high quality if you’re going to do it

So Hip Hop JUMP, go on and talk about your shows

Hagiya: We, Hip Hop JUMP are on NHK-BS2’s “The Shonen Club” and TV Tokyo’s “週末YY JUMPing (Shumatsu YY JUMPing)” so please watch them

Koki Tanaka: Like today, we’re (KAT-TUN) on “The Shonen Club” too.  Every now and then, we get to come on the show for solos so I hope you can catch those shows too

Now to say something to finish things off.  I’m not going to finish it

Tanaka: I hope you all continue to support Hip Hop JUMP please

All: Merry Christmas!  Bye byeee


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


  1. Yan
    16:09 JST December 8, 2010 at 4:09 PM

    I haven’t watched this one but now I’m going to after reading the this haha

    • 17:00 JST December 8, 2010 at 5:00 PM


      Hehehe, I know what you mean XD

      I found there were a few surprises in a number of the videos!

      Momo xoxo

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