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Merry Christmas messages: Kansai Johnny’s Jr

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Kansai Johnny’s Jr

Nakata: To everyone watching Johnny’s Net

All: Merry Christmas☆

Nakata: Right now, I think you can hear the music but it’s because we’re at a Tackey & Tsubasa concert!  But this year, we had a lot of jobs this didn’t we?

Should we introduce ourselves?

Nakama: First of all, my partner, Akito Kiriyama is in the TV drama “流れ星 (Nagareboshi)” on Fuji TV at 9pm on Mondays!

I said 9pm Monday!?  He’s in (the drama)!!

Takemoto: That’s the one where he goes Ajyarakamokuretekuretto, pa!  Tap tap!! right


Kotaki: The people watching this won’t know what that means!

Nakama: So, he plays a boy who’s into Rakugo (type of Japanese comedy)!  I hope you can watch it.  It’s on national TV!!

Hamada: Yes, and the rest of us have had a lot of work too.  One is on Kansai TV, channel 8’s “ジャニ勉 (Jani-ben)”, there’s a thing called “ジュニ刑事 (jyuni-deka, junior investigator) on “Kanjani8’s jani-ben”.  Here, B.A.D and BOYS do a food report, and that’s on every Wednesday from 12:35am to 1:05am, so I hope as many of you can watch it!

Nakama: As for me, it’s my individual work, but I’m on Yomiuri TV’s “かんさい情報ネット ten! (Kansai Joho Net ten!)”, which is on from Monday through to Friday.  I’m on it twice a week at some time, twice a month

Nakata: At some time

Nakama: At some time.  I’m like a semi-regular on the show so if you could check out Johnny’s Web or Net, it’ll tell you what day I’m on so please check it out!

Nakata: It’s like you check it out and then, “oh, you’re on (today)!”

Nakama: At lunch time, and it’s news, so I think it has a meaningful purpose.  Please, watch it!

Nakata: And on Kansai TV, we’re on a show called “あっぷ&UP! (UP&UP!)” every Wednesday from 2:05pm to 3pm with a different person from B.A.D, BOYS, and Veteran on every episode so if you could also watch that too!

Hamada: Please do watch it!

Nakata: And then there’s still?

Nakama: Then there’s still?

Hamada: Yes, yes there is!

The two of us, along with Veteran’s Tatsuki Muro are on a live show at NHK.  It’s called “あほやねん! 好きやねん! (Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen!)”, and it’s on every Friday from 7:10…

Nakata: You mean 5:10pm!

Hamada: Oops, from 17:10 to 17:57.

Nakata: Remember when your own show is on already!!

Hamada: I know!  I took 10 off from 17!

Nakata: Why did you take it off!!


What, do you always work at 7am

Hamada: Anyway, it’s live, and you can see into the show from outside, so it would be great if you could call in sick at work and…

Nakata: No!!  You’re not allowed to say things like that!!  Those who have school should go to school first and if you have time afterwards then you can come and see it

Hamada: It would be great if you could come.  We have a lot of fun talking and doing a lot of things, there are lots of challenges, and it’s really a lot of fun so please come by some time!

Nakata: And we’ve got radio programs.  Like Kiriyama-kun and I host “関ジャニの男前を目指せ! (Kanjani no Otokomae wo Mezase!)” on ABC radio and a lot of Kansai Jr. make guest appearances too.  So that’s on every Friday from around 11:15pm to around 11:25pm.  It’s a good show to see the real side of the Kansai Jr members, oh, I mean hear them.  It’s full of cutting edge talks so please listen in on the show!

Nakama: We’ve also got a show on Radio Kansai called “関西ジャニーズJr.もぎたて関ジュース (Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Mogitate Kan juice)”, and that’s on every Sunday from 10:30pm to 10:45pm.  It’s only 15 minutes, but it’s us.  I think that show also gives people a chance to hear Kansai Jr. as they really are

Hamada: That’s what we guarantee

Nakama: That’s with B.A.D and BOYS and Veteran?  We take turns in hosting the show so please check that out too!

Nakata: You know, we’ve been given so many jobs, but I think we really need to take it up a notch eh!

Takemoto: I want a regular show!

Nakata: No, Takemoto-kun makes weird noises without warning so I don’t think that would be a good idea

Takemoto: But there’s nothing I can do about my voice, this is my charm point

All: Charm point!?

Takemoto: Because, none of you can make a voice like mine can you

Nakata: Kotaki, did you get a tan?

Kotaki: I did

Nakama: Don’t change the subject!

Kotaki: I have gotten quite dark!

Nakata: Are you going to be alright over the winter?

Kotaki: Um…somehow.  I’ll get through!

Nakata: Shingaki, did you get a haircut??

Shingaki: I did get my hair cut!  It’s gotten shorter

Nakata: It looks good.  So, we’ve been able to do a lot of jobs, and today, it’s kind of like a selection of us are here

Hamada: We are the selected members.  There are members who aren’t here, and we’re sorry they’re not here!

All: We’re sorry!

Nakama: We’re having fun by ourselves, sorry

Nakata: Well, we’re doing our best at work so you guys can do your best at work too!

Hamada: Let’s do our best together!

Nakama: All of us can do our best!

Nakata: So, everyone

All: Merry Christmas☆  Bye byee!!


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


NOTE: This was my first time translating a Kansai Johnny’s Jr. clip so I’m not 100% sure I’ve got the right names to the right faces!  Please let me know if I have someone’s name wrong (>w<)

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