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Merry Christmas messages: Mis Snow Man

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Mis Snow Man

All: Merry Christmas!  We are Mis Snow Man!

Nozawa: I’m Yuki Nozawa, the one making the group’s average height higher

Abe: I’m Ryohei Abe from Mis Snow Man.  I’m 17 years-old and I’m going to keep doing my best!

Watanabe: I’m Shota Watanabe from Mis Snow Man.  I’m going to cut my hair soon

Miyadate: I’m Ryuta Miyadate from Mis Snow Man.  I’m going work as best as I can, it’s nice to meet you

Sakuma: I’m Daisuke Sakuma, I’m the shortest one in Mis Snow Man.  I’m going to do my best from now on, it’s nice to meet you

Fukasawa: I’m Tatsuya Fukasawa, I may not look it but I’m the oldest in Mis Snow Man

Iwamoto: I’m Hikaru Iwamoto from Mis Snow Man, everyone calls me Gan-chan.  Nice to meet you

Sanada: I’m Yuma Sanada from Mis Snow Man, everyone calls me Sanapi

So, everyone, 2010’s about to end but how did you find this year?

Sakuma: We did stage shows, starting off with “滝沢歌舞伎 (Takizawa Kabuki)”…no, we started off with “(滝沢)革命 (Takizawa Kakumei)”, then onto “滝沢歌舞伎 (Takizawa Kabuki)”, and then “クリエ (Kurie)”

Nozawa: We got to do a line of shows on stage…

Miyadate: We spent a lot of time with Takizawa-kun

Sanada: That was cool.  They gave us a lot of jobs but we also had time to do our own things.

Anyway, as you were saying before, “新春 滝沢革命 (Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei)”.  This’ll be in 2011, but we’ve been invited to be in the show again!!


That’s from 2011, January 1st to the 27th at the Teikoku Gekijo.  We hope to see as many of you come!

All: Yes please

Sanada: We did a lot of other things too, didn’t we?

Nozawa: Yes, Yuma Sanada and Nozawa Yuki are on the show “テストの花道 (Test no Hana-michi)” on NHK’s education channel every Monday from 6:55am to 7:25am so I hope you can check it out sometime!

Sanada: Yes, this is actually a show about learning so

Nozawa: Watch it to learn something!

Sanada: We’re in it, and it’s for a good purpose!  I’d like a lot of people to watch it

Nozawa: Very, very much so!

Sanada: So, Mis Snow Man is also on NHK-BS2’s “The Shonen Club” every first and second Friday, and on NHKBS-hi every second and third Tuesday so I hope you can catch us on that as well.

Another thing, this is just me, but I’m on a show called “百識王 (Hyakushikiou)” at Fuji TV.  That’s on every Tuesday from 1:10am to 1:40am

Nozawa: You can catch a different side of Sanada-kun

Sanada: Well, I’m like this on the show too.  Now, to finish things off

All: Merry Christmas!  Bye Byeee

Sanada: Don’t forget to visit 滝Channel (TakiChannel)!

Watanabe: Nice to meet you


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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