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Merry Christmas messages: Snow Prince Gasshodan

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

スノープリンス合唱団 (Snow Prince Gasshodan, Choir)

All: Merry Christmas!  We are the Snow Prince Gasshodan.

Okada: I’m Aoi Okada, I’m 10 years-old

Hashimoto: I’m Ryo Hashimoto, I’m 9 years-old

Chino: I’m Aoi Chino, I’m 9 years-old

Haba: I’m Yuki Haba, I’m 10 years-old

Inoue: I’m Mizuki Inoue, I’m 9 years-old

Miura: I’m Wataru Miura, I’m 12 years-old

Kurita: I’m Kei Kurita, I’m 13 years-old

Otsuka: I’m Yuya Otsuka, I’m 13 years-old

Kishimoto: I’m Shintaro Kishimoto, I’m 14 years-old

Nakamura: I’m Reia Nakamura, I’m 13 years-old

Tanimura: I’m Ryuichi Tanimura, I’m 11 years-old

Morimoto: I’m Shintaro Morimoto, I’m 13 years-old

I’m on TV every Tuesday from 7:56pm to 8:54pm on TBS’ “お茶の水ハカセ (Ochanomizu Hakase)”.

Otsuka: We are on “The Shonen Club” on NHKBS-2

Kishimoto: And on TV Tokyo’s “週末YY JUMPing (Shumatsu YY JUMPing)” so please watch it some time.

Morimoto: I hope you continue to support us from now on, please.

All: Merry Christmas!  Bye byeee


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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