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Merry Christmas messages: They武道 (They Budou)

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

They Budou

All: Merry Christmas!  We are They Budou~!

Takahashi: I’m the “T” Ryu Takahashi.  I’m going keep doing what I’m good at to my best potential.  Thank you.

Hayashi: I’m the “h” of They Budou, Shota Hayashi.  I love singing so I’ll continue to do my best in singing

Eda: I’m the “e” of They Budou, Tsuyoshi Eda.  We’ve all got different strengths but I’m going to work as hard as I can to bring out the best of me.

Yamamoto: I’m the “y” of They Budou, Ryota Yamamoto.  I have confidence in my dancing and my smile

Look back on 2010…

Eda: Takizawa Kabuki!

Yamamoto: We got to do a lot of things and got our own parts

And there was “クリエ (Kurie)”, which was produced by Mis Snow Man and A.B.C-Z

Eda: That was fun

Yamamoto: Then there was PLAYZONE too

We got to perform in the national stadium behind Arashi, NEWS

Eda: Yamashita-kun’s solo

Takahashi: It was great to be able dance for his solo

Yamamoto: They Budou did a lot this year eh

Oh, and Shonen Club too

Eda: Lets keep working on a lot of things

Yamamoto: Let’s keep going

So we hope you will keep supporting They Budou

All: Merry Christmas!  Bye byeee


Credits to: www.johnnys-net.jp


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