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Arashi effect helps Nintendo clinch top 10 commercial for 2010

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Arashi's Nintendo commercial series (photo thanks to Nintendo website)

In a TV world dominated by mobile phone commercials, Arashi have helped Nintendo gain a top 10 favourite commercial in 2010, reports Oricon.


Over a one year period from late October 2009 to October 2010, 3000 women and men living in Japan’s Kanto region were asked to choose their favourite TV commercial from a pool of 8770 brands and 17,533 commercials.


Nintendo’s “NEW Super Mario Brothers Wii” commercial series with Arashi had only started last year but came out being the 6th most popular commercial of the year.  The series has been reported to have put up a good fight going up against major mobile companies such as NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, and Softbank who have dominated the top spots over the past few years.


This year’s No.1 spot was awarded to SoftBank’s 白戸家 (Shiratoke, Shirato family) series for the fourth straight year.  The commercials follow お父さん (Oto-san), a white Hokkaido dog, わたし(watashi, me), a SoftBank shop worker played by actress Aya Ueto, and their family.


Arashi also appear in the No.2 ranking TV commercials for KDDI/au mobile phones.


The Top 10 list of favourite TV commercials for 2010 are as follows:

1. SoftBank Mobile – “スーパーサブ篇 (Super Sub commercial)” (appearances by Aya Ueto, Shingo Katori, etc)

2. KDDI – “ガンガン学割篇 (Gan gan Gakuwari commercial)” (appearances by Arashi, Anna Tsuchiya etc)

3. NTT DOCOMO – “堀田と、カエラ篇 (Horita and Kaera commercial)” (appearances by Maki Horikita, Kaera Kimura etc)

4. Lotte – “電車篇 (Densha commercial)” (appearances by Nozomi Sasaki, Takeru Sato etc)

5. Aflac – “クリスマス篇  (Christmas commercial)” (appearances by Aoi Miyazaki etc)

6. Nintendo – “こんな遊び方もあります編 (Konna Asobikata mo Arimasu, You can also play like this commercial)” (appearances by Arashi etc)

7. Suntory – “2つのタワー篇 (The two towers commercial)” (appearances by Tommy Lee Jones etc)

8. Daihatsu – “わかさぎ釣り篇 (Wakasagi-tsuri commercial)” (appearances by Yusuke Santamaria, Eiko Koike etc)

9. Kikkoman – “幸せって何だっけ?編 (Shiawasette Nandakke?, What was happiness? commercial)” (appearances by Sanma Akashiya, Ryoko Hirosue etc)

10. Tokyo Gas – “ガス・パッ・チョ! (Gas-pa-cho!) commercial” (appearances by Satoshi Tsumabuki, Manami Konishi etc)

SoftBank claim fourth straight No.1 spot


Source: www.oricon.co.jp/news/movie/82890/full/

Super Mario Brothers Nintendo Wii website: www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/smnj/index.html


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