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My little surprises

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Just a few things that made me Johnny’s happy by chance these last few days XD


1. While waiting for my boots to get repaired in the Tokyo underground, I noticed the poster opposite me was a big Arashi one.  Managed to get a photo when no one was walking by 🙂

2. While visiting Chinatown, Yokohama, I went for a walk around Yamashita Park and took a photo of the city.

Then I realised it was one of the places where they had filmed the drama RESCUE (Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) and Takahisa Masuda (NEWS)).

Scene from RESCUE

Awww!!!  Massu did push ups here (>v<)/


3. In one of the rare opportunities where I got to sit in front of TV and do nothing, by chance I saw Tegoshi’s commercial for his new drama starting in January.

I’m not used to seeing him running around in a suit, but he looks sooo cool.


4. Counting down until the NEWS concert DVD is released, KAT-TUN DVD is released, then Arashi DVD is released.  Question is…which one should I buy?  Hmmmm….


Anyway, have a good week everyone.


Momo xoxo

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Goro Inagaki’s best supporting actor win at Nikkan Sports Film Awards

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SMAP’s Goro Inagaki (36) was named Best Supporting Actor for his role in “十三人の刺客 (Jyu-san-nin no Shikaku, Thirteen Assassins)” at the 23rd Nikkan Sports Film Awards on December 1, reports Nikkan Sports.

For the first time, Inagaki had a go at playing a cold-hearted and violent villain.

“I feel privileged and very happy to have been given such an incredible award at the end of a year where I had broken into new grounds,” he said.

In the movie, Inagaki’s character is the Shogun’s little brother who mercilessly kills innocent women and children without hesitating. He himself becomes hunted as 13 assassins are united to bring justice back into society.

“I hope my character’s underlying madness came out (in the movie). I thought he would be an interesting contrast to the hot-headed 13 warriors. He’s been carrying around a number of personal dilemmas inside, and I tried to act my character so some of that sadness would come out,” he said.

It has been reported the award’s judges had been impressed with the way Inagaki was able to show this underlying madness.

Although Inagaki is more well-known as a national pop star, the singer had said he was not worried about whether a villain role would lower his pop star image.

“In a way, I was really grateful. I never knew I could play bad guys like this. Playing the hero every time does get boring.

“The group (SMAP) members can already support one another so I thought it was a safe time to go on an adventure,” he said.
The singer also talked about how he felt being the one left out at the movie’s first press event.

“It was fun. I could sense that the others (thirteen) were thinking, ‘we put in everything we had to get this guy down’, which was funny.

“I’ve always been called ‘everyone’s Goro-chan’ so the big change was great,” he said.

The pop star also said he was amazed at the huge impact movies can make, explaining that everyone around him at work, home, and even a middle-aged taxi driver had told him they had seen the movie.

This, however, is not the last time Inagaki will be playing a villain. He is currently playing another bad guy in Fuji TV’s drama “流れ星 (Nagare-boshi)”.

“I almost feel like this is a turning point and pretty soon I’ll be complaining that people give me too many bad guy roles, but it’s been a good year where I was able to test out new grounds,” he said.

The film’s director Takashi Miike was also chosen as the Best Director winner at the same awards.

It has been reported that when Mr Miike had heard about Inagaki’s win, the director was even more happy than when he had won his own award.

“Time goes by differently if you’re working on a movie or you’re working as a SMAP member. When we first started filming, we began with all of the short scenes. Inagaki would always give me an, ‘is that all?” look,” he said.

The award ceremony for the 23rd Nikkan Sports Film Awards will take place on December 28 in Tokyo’s Hotel New Otani.




This news was alerted by @DA, thank you so much! Momo

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