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My girls talk

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K-chan NEWS today was so cute ❤

Sorry, I just couldn’t help but post about it!

Today’s Girl’s Talk introduced a letter from one listener who said that she and her friends at school liked thinking up ways guys could pop the question to them.  So, how would NEWS (or Koyama, Shige, and Massu) propose to a girl?


Shige said he gets asked this a lot at interviews and usually says he’d like to keep it simple.

But tonight he said he would probably bring it out casually, almost like a joke.

Shige: “So!  Why don’t we get married?”

Later on, the others had said it would be cool if Shige could bring fishing into his marriage proposal somehow, but Shige had said, “I couldn’t take a girl fishing” for that.


Massu said he’s all for simplicity, but rather than propose at home in the lounge, he’d like to go somewhere special since it was an important occasion.

He said it would be cool if he could take a girl somewhere where they could see stars, say he’d catch a star for her, and then give her a ring.

But when Shige and Koyama asked him whether he could do it, Massu said he would never be able to pull it off (we all know how shy you are Massu…)

Massu: “I wouldn’t be able to do it!  Even if I did and put the ring in my right hand, I’d never be able to say the words and end up going home with the ring still in my right palm.”

Tegoshi (not present)

The starry sky story got the three talking about Tegoshi and how he would be able to pull off the “I’ll catch a star for you” scenario.  They said he’d probably take his guitar and play a song he’d written for her.


Koyama still couldn’t figure out exactly what he’d say but he’d like to keep it somewhere simple, like a Family Restaurant.

The show ended with Shige and Koyama making Massu say his marriage proposal (and introduce the last song, “Forever”, which he seemed to have forgotten about)


Massu: “Will you become Masuda too? (giggles)”

No, seriously, he did the muffled laugh and Shige said he was going red.  Cute!

In other news…I sent out my application for Yamapi concert tickets today!  Yay!

Hopefully I can get some tickets…

Momo xoxo

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