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Nino wants to make a music video game

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Men’s NON-NO magazine

January Edition

Segment released by Shueisha Magazine News


While working as a national pop star in Arashi, Kazunari Ninomiya-san shows he can be just as creative as a piano and guitar-playing music writer and a critically acclaimed actor.  His recent projects include the film “大奥 (Ohoku)”, TV drama “フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau)”, and action film “GANTZ”, all of which are set in different time periods with contrasting character personalities.


“The moment you turn on a video game, it goes, ‘The year is 20XX…’, before you jump into that world.  Playing so many games has made it easier for me to take in situations be it at the end of the world, in the future, or in the past (laughs),” Ninomiya said.


So his ability as an actor to adapt to different settings comes from his video game experience.  But having played a variety of acting roles, what does Nino have to say about a character’s personality.

“I think it’s like popular appeal and individuality.  It’s a bit like water and oil, you can’t go into it thinking, ‘I’m fine as long as those who understand my artistic qualities look at me’.  It’s important to establish some common ground with the tens of thousands of viewers, and then bring out your individuality from inside there,” he said.


Although he spends every day using his creativity to its best as a pop star, actor, and music writer, we asked what he wants to do the most right now.

“When you make something, it’s more important to have motivation than talent.  A real feeling towards how much you want to do it.  I know I’ve been saying this for a while but I want to make a music video game.  I hope I can do it for real some time soon,” he said.


Source: www.s-woman.net/news/magazinenews/detail_000003125.html


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