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Johnny’s groups in Oricon’s Yearly Ranking 2010 music sales

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Johnny’s Single Ranking for 2010 (Top 50)

3. Troublemaker Arashi Records sold:698,542
4. Monster Arashi Records sold:696,022
6. 果てない空(Hatenai Sora) Arashi Records sold:656,343
7. Love Rainbow Arashi Records sold:620,057
9. Dear Snow Arashi Records sold:591,207
10. To be free Arashi Records sold:516,142
11. Love yourself ~君が嫌いな君が好き~(Love yourself ~Kimi ga Kiraina Kimi ga Suki~) KAT-TUN Records sold:439,736
13. This is love SMAP Records sold:350,322
15. LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~(LIFE ~Me no Mae no Mukou~) Kanjani8 Records sold:305,478
17. Going! KAT-TUN Records sold:282,901
18. Wonderful World!! Kanjani8 Records sold:275,891
20. CHANGE UR WORLD KAT-TUN Records sold:254,150
21. 瞳のスクリーン(Hitomi no Screen) Hey! Say! JUMP Records sold:250,206
25. さくらガール(Sakura Girl) NEWS Records sold:232,752
29. One in a million Tomohisa Yamashita Records sold:204,561
30. ユカイツーカイ怪物くん(Yukaitsu-kai Kaibutsu-kun) Kaibutsu-kun(Taro Kaibutsu/

Satoshi Ohno)

Records sold:196,258
31. Family ~ひとつになること~ KinKi Kids Records sold:179,927
32. Fighting Man NEWS Records sold:173,206
43. GIFT ~緑~ (雪をください/ One day in winter/ Snow White)(GIFT ~Green~ (Yuki wo Kudasai/One day in winter/ Snow White)) Kanjani8 Records sold:136,508
44. GIFT ~白~ (冬恋/君の歌をうたう)(GIFT ~White~ (Fuyukoi/Kimi no Uta wo Utau)) Kanjani8 Records sold:136,003
46. GIFT ~赤~ (I wish/マイナス100度の恋)(GIFT ~Red~ (I wish/ Minus 100 degrees no Koi)) Kanjani8 Records sold:133,978


Johnny’s Album Ranking for 2010 (Top 50)

1. 僕の見ている風景(Boku no Miteiru Fukei) Arashi Records sold:1,053,064
19. All the BEST! 1999 – 2009 Arashi Records sold:342,743
25. We are SMAP! SMAP Records sold:267,946
27. 8UPPERS Kanjani8 Records sold:265,439
33. JUMP NO.1 Hey! Say! JUMP Records sold:187,621
34. LIVE NEWS Records sold:185,204
35. NO MORE PAIN KAT-TUN Records sold:182,563
48. BPM Koichi Domoto Records sold:158,600


Source: www.oricon.co.jp/music/special/2010/musicrank1220/index.html


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