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Three official Guinness World Records awarded to Arashi commercials

18:38 JST January 31, 2011 8 comments

Guinness World Record certification ceremony: Mobile company KDDI staff and a certified staff member from the Guinness World Records show the three certificates (photo thanks to PR Times)

Mobile company KDDI released a press release today saying their 60 Arashi commercials for Android au’s smartphone had officially broken three world records, reports PR Times.


On January 27, a multitude of commercials starring Arashi members were broadcast on TV, which have now been officially recognized by the Guinness World Records.


The records are:

  1. “Most versions of a TV commercial for the same product broadcast within 24 hours – Free-to-air (Terrestrial TV)” – 60 Android au commercials were broadcast on January 27
  2. “Most versions of a TV commercial for the same product broadcast within 8 hours – non Free-to-air” – 60 Android au commercials were broadcast from 00:00 to 08:00, January 27 on Space Shower TV
  3. “Most versions of a TV commercial for one product broadcast in a single 30 minute programme” – 12 Android au commercials were broadcast during “Music Lovers”, 23:30 – 24:00, January 30.
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Japan’s soccer win motivates Yamapi as Japan’s pop star representative

11:06 JST January 31, 2011 2 comments

Johnny’s star Tomohisa Yamashita (25) went into the second day of his Hong Kong concerts motivated by his friend’s tournament-winning form at the 2011 Asia Cup, reports Nikkan Sports, Chunichi Sports, and Sports Hochi.


Yamashita’s solo Asia tour had kicked off in Hong Kong on January 29, and that night the pop star watched the Asia Cup soccer final between Japan and Australia from his hotel.  It has been reported he had paid extra attention at Yuto Nagatomo (24), his friend and Meiji University junior.  The two had met each other following the 2010 World Cup and Yamashita had said they had gone out for dinner a number of times and were occasional texting buddies.

“(The final) was amazing.  I got really excited, and seeing people from my own country giving their all on a world stage like that only gives me a confidence boost.

“(Nagatomo is) amazing when he plays soccer, but he’s also a good guy,” he said.


Yamashita had said he was worried about the language barrier before his concert, but watching Japan win the tournament had fired him up as a pop star representing Japan.

“What I think I can do is keep going until the end.  If I could manage myself until the last concert.  Then I hope I would’ve done what I had needed to to bring the world closer to me,” he said.


The pop star performed 25 songs in front of more than 4000 fans who welcomed him with Yamapi chants.  On a stage with a multitude of special effects including lasers, fire, and a 360 degree stage, it has been reported all of the sets had been taken up 10 trucks-worth of space, each truck holding up to 10 tons of equipment.


Yamashita had previously performed in Taiwan with his Johnny’s group NEWS, but this marks his first solo tour.


Ever since Johnny’s senior star Masahiko Kondo (46) had performed the agency’s first overseas concert in Hong Kong in 1984, the city has had a special meaning to Johnny’s.  Other groups who have performed here include Shonentai, TOKIO, KinKi Kids, and V6.

While it is the first time in nine years Johnny’s have performed in Hong Kong, Yamashita’s popularity was made clear after his tickets had sold out within an hour, prompting two more concerts to be added to the tour.

Yamashita’s tour is scheduled to go around cities in Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan, and is expected to attract more than 260,000 fans in total.

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GANTZ promos with and without leading stars over the weekend

00:22 JST January 31, 2011 Leave a comment


GANTZ event in Tokyo (photo thanks to Mainichi Shimbun Digital)


Japanese fans were turning up to events across the country in their thousands, even if the movie’s leading stars were not there, reports Sankei Sports, Mainichi Shimbun Digital, and Oricon.


The SF-manga-turned-live-action film “GANTZ” stars Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya (27) and actor Kenichi Matsuyama (25), who greeted fans in Tokyo on January 29 to celebrate the film’s opening in Japan.

“We finally finished it.  I’m sure the other cast members and staff who aren’t here today are out somewhere celebrating too,” Ninomiya said.


It has been reported the actors answered questions from fans, and looked back at their experience playing characters who suddenly find themselves fighting mysterious aliens.

“Didn’t you ever get embarrassed doing the blue screen shoots when your co-star wasn’t there physically?” Matsuyama asked Ninomiya.

“I didn’t have time to waste thinking about something like that!” Ninomiya said, making the audience erupt in laughter.


Across the country in Osaka, more than 1000 fans had gathered at a GANTZ event showcasing costumes and props used in the movie.


Event organisers had said the first 500 fans would go into the draw to win tickets to the GANTZ sequel’s press event and special T-shirts, which had prompted more than 200 fans to start lining up by 8am.  By 11am, more than 1000 fans had gathered.


TOHO Cinema organisers had been worried some fans might have mistaken the event for one where Ninomiya would make a personal appearance, but it has been reported fans were more than happy to snap photos of the props.


Fans lining up for the GANTZ event in Osaka (photo thanks to Sankei Sports)


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My tea time

16:26 JST January 29, 2011 10 comments

I’M FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


…tea time.

Because of the huge amount of translating I just did in the last half day, if you notice that I spelt something wrong please let me know…

Honest…all my T’s were turning into Y’s at one point.


Thanks.  Tea time (*^-^*)

Macarons and tea~~~~~


Momo xoxo

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Johnny’s General Election 2011: The results (translation 8/8)

16:15 JST January 29, 2011 24 comments

Who’s Number 1 in each category?

Is it surprising?  Did you expect this?  The general election has brought some interesting results!

Monthly TV Guide (January 27 – February 28 2011)

Best Singer

1. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 10 votes

2. Masayuki Sakamoto (V6) – 8 votes

3. Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS) – 6 votes

4. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 2 votes

Best Dancer

1. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai) – 9 votes

1. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 9 votes

3. Go Morita (V6) – 5 votes

4. Tomoyuki Yara (Musical Academy) – 4 votes

5. Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS) – 2 votes

5. Jin Akanishi – 2 votes

Best Actor

1. Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi) – 10 votes

2. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP) – 5 votes

3. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 4 votes

4. Takuya Kimura (SMAP) – 3 votes

5. Junichi Okada (V6) – 2 votes

5. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 2 votes

5. Ryo Nishikido (NEWS/Kanjani8) – 2 votes

Talent I spend a lot of time hanging out with

1. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) – 7 votes

2. Shingo Murakami (Kanjani8) – 3 votes

2. Koki Tanaka (KAT-TUN) – 3 votes

2. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN) – 3 votes

2. Hey! Say! JUMP members – 3 votes

Talent I most admire

1. Masahiko Kondo – 6 votes

2. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 5 votes

3. All seniors – 4 votes

3. Everyone in Johnny’s – 4 votes

5.  Takuya Kimura (SMAP) – 2 votes

5. Shingo Katori (SMAP) – 2 votes

5. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 2 votes

5. Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO) – 2 votes

5. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 2 votes

5. Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasaa ) – 2 votes

Most athletic

1. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 8 votes

2. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai) – 5 votes

3. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO) – 4 votes

3. Masahiro Matsuoka (TOKIO) – 4 votes

5. Takahisa Masuda (NEWS) – 3 votes

Most spoilt

1. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 10 votes

2. Ryo Nishikido (NEWS/Kanjani8) – 2 votes

2. Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) – 2 votes

2. Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS) – 2 votes

Talent with most number of hobbies

1. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN) – 5 votes

2. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 4 votes

2. Shota Yasuda (Kanjani8) – 4 votes

2. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 4 votes

5. Taichi Kokubun (TOKIO) – 3 votes


1. Sho Sakurai (Arashi) – 9 votes

2. Yoshihiko Inohara (V6) – 3 votes

2. Shigeaki Kato (NEWS) – 3 votes

4. Kazukiyo Nishikiori (Shonentai) – 2 votes

4. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 2 votes

4. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 2 votes

4. Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP) – 2 votes

Talent I want to collaborate with

1. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO) – 3 votes

1. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN) – 3 votes

3. Shingo Katori (SMAP) – 2 votes

3. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO) – 2 votes

3. Taichi Kokubun (TOKIO) – 2 votes

3. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 2 votes

3. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids) – 2 votes

3. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) – 2 votes

3. Yu Yokoyama (Kanjani8) – 2 votes

3. Kajani8 – 2 votes

3. Anyone – 2 votes

Fave TV show starring a Johnny’s talent

1. “ザ!鉄腕!DASH!! (The! Tetsuwan! DASH!!)” – 5 votes

2. “僕らの音楽 (Bokura no Ongaku)” – 3 votes

2. “世界の果てまでイッテQ! (Sekai no Hate made ItteQ!)” – 3 votes

4. “SMAP X SMAP” – 2 votes

4. “中井正弘のブラックバラエティ (Masahiro Nakai’s Black Variety)” – 2 votes

4. “ぷっすま (Pussuma)” – 2 votes

4. “学校へ行こう (Gakko he Ikou)” – 2 votes

4. “嵐にしやがれ (Arashi ni Shiyagare)” – 2 votes

Fave movie starring a Johnny’s talent

1. “ピカ☆ンチ (Pikanchi)” movie series – 4 votes

2. “SPACE BATTLESHIP Yamato” –  3 votes

2. “木更津キャッツアイ ワールドシリーズ(Kisarazu Cat’s Eye World Series)” – 3 votes

4. “HERO” – 2 votes

4. “SP 野望篇 (SP Yabo Episode)” – 2 votes

4. “花より男子F (Hanayori Dango F)” –  2 votes

4. “硫黄島からの手紙 (Letters from Iwo Jima)” – 2 votes

4. “スノープリンス 禁じられた恋のメロディ (Snow Price Kinjirareta Koi no Melody)” – 2 votes

Fave Johnny’s song

1. “オレンジ (Orange)” by SMAP – 3 votes

2. “Bonnie Butterfly” by KinKi Kids – 2 votes

2. “きっと大丈夫 (Kitto Daijyobu)” by Arashi – 2 votes

Johnny’s General Election 2011: NYC (translation 7/8)

15:41 JST January 29, 2011 10 comments

For our momentous first edition of “月間TVガイド (Monthly TV Guide)”, the super popular stars of Johnny’s have come together to congratulate us!  And we’ve finally been able to do the, perhaps, unimaginable!?  It’s a Johnny’s ranking chosen by Johnny’s talents.

Monthly TV Guide (January 27 – February 28 2011)


Q1. Best singer

Q2. Best dancer

Q3. Best actor

Q4. Talent I spend a lot of time hanging out with

Q5. Talent I most admire

Q6. Most athletic

Q7. Most spoilt

Q8. Talent with most number of hobbies

Q9. Smartest

Q10. Talent I want to collaborate with

Q11. Fave TV show starring a Johnny’s talent

Q12. Fave movie starring a Johnny’s talent

Q13. Fave Johnny’s song


Yuri Chinen

A1. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A2. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A3. Satoshi Ohno and Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)

A4. Ryosuke Yamada (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC) and Daiki Arioka (Hey! Say! JUMP).  Other than the members, I play online games with Yuichi Nakamaru-kun (KAT-TUN) too.

A5. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A6. Me.  I don’t think many people can beat me.

A7. Me.  I’m still and probably always will be spoilt.

A8. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He plays the drums, photography, tap dancing…he’s got a lot of hobbies.

A9. Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He knows a lot about music, like genres.

A10. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi).  I want to make a duo called Satoshi&Yuri!

A11. “嵐の宿題くん (Arashi no Shukudaikun)”.  I loved the way how it was a really relaxed midnight show.

A12. “花より男子ファイナル (Hanayori Dango Final)”.  It was fun.

A13. “素晴らしき世界 (Subarashiki Sekai)” by Arashi.  It’s a song from their album, but I really love it.

Yuma Nakayama

A1. Masayuki Sakamoto (V6).  I once had the opportunity to see his stage show and hearing him sing amazed me.

A2. Tsubasa Imai (Tackey & Tsubasa) and Tomoyuki Yara (Musical Academy).  When I worked with them on “PLAYZONE” I thought they were amazing.

A3. Takuya Kimura (SMAP).  He’s invincible.  He was so cool in “Pride”.

A4. Everyone in 7WEST.  I meet a lot of them in my spare time and we have lots of fun.

A5. Masahiko Kondo.  He’s so mature, natural, and friendly.  I admire him as a person and a man.

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC).  His acrobatics are amazing.

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC).  I see him getting spoilt by Yamada a lot.

A8. Me.  I’ve always loved fishing and walking.  I play the violin and I’ve started learning the piano.

A9. Sho Sakurai (Arashi).  Because he’s in the news, he looks smart.

A10. Yu Yokoyama (Kanjani8).  As another Kansai-born talent, he’s the senior I admire.  I want to play the drums with him.  (In terms of acting characters) I want to do a bad guy role competition.

A11. “関ジャニ8のジャニ勉 (Kanjani8’s Janiben)” .  Eight are in it, and it’s so funny.  I was invited to go on the “ほんじゃに! (Honjani!)” part of “Janiben” a few times when it was still on.

A12. “スノープリンス 禁じられた恋のメロディ (Snow Prince Kinjirareta Koi no Melody)”.  I went to Belgium with Shintaro (Morimoto).  It’s a good movie.

A13. “関風ファイティング (Kanfu Fighting)” by Kanjani8.  This song means a lot to me because it was on when I joined the agency and I was a back dancer for it during their concerts.

Ryosuke Yamada

A1. Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS)

A2. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi).  Of course Ohno-kun, but there are also lots of good junior dancers too.

A3. Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)

A4. JUMP members.  I don’t think I get the chance to hang out with anyone else…

A5. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  He’s always been the senior I admire!

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC)

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP/NYC).  He still hugs me a lot.  But, I can’t help but forgive him (laughs).

A8. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He plays the drums, cajon, does horseback riding, lots of things!

A9. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He knows a lot of trivia facts.

A10. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  I wish I could go on stage with him for “SHOCK” but…I’m not ready for that now!  What I’d be capable of right now would be a stage show that’s happy with a few serious scenes scattered about (laughs).

A11. “天才!志村どうぶつ園 (Tensai! Shimura’s Doubutsuen)”.  I love animals.  They’re so cute!

A12. “ごくせん (Gokusen)”.  I saw it because Takaki-kun was in it, but it was fun.

A13. “愛のかたまり (Ai no Katamari)” by KinKi Kids.

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Johnny’s General Election 2011: Hey! Say! JUMP (translation 6/8)

15:06 JST January 29, 2011 9 comments

For our momentous first edition of “月間TVガイド (Monthly TV Guide)”, the super popular stars of Johnny’s have come together to congratulate us!  And we’ve finally been able to do the, perhaps, unimaginable!?  It’s a Johnny’s ranking chosen by Johnny’s talents.

Monthly TV Guide (January 27 – February 28 2011)


Q1. Best singer

Q2. Best dancer

Q3. Best actor

Q4. Talent I spend a lot of time hanging out with

Q5. Talent I most admire

Q6. Most athletic

Q7. Most spoilt

Q8. Talent with most number of hobbies

Q9. Smartest

Q10. Talent I want to collaborate with

Q11. Fave TV show starring a Johnny’s talent

Q12. Fave movie starring a Johnny’s talent

Q13. Fave Johnny’s song

Hey! Say! JUMP

Daiki Arioka

A1. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A2. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai)

A3. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP)

A4. Koki Tanaka, Junnosuke Taguchi, and Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN).  I’ve been going out to play survival games with them lately.

A5. Shingo Katori (SMAP).  I want to be like Shingo-kun!

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP).

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP).  Chinen has to be number one (laughs).

A8. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN).  He takes on a lot of challenges, like billiards and tennis!

A9. Yoshihiko Inohara (V6).  Somewhat, in my head (laughs).

A10. Shingo Katori (SMAP).  I wish I could work with him in a drama.  But to be honest, anything would be great!  It would make my day just working with him!!

A11. “中井正弘のブラックバラエティ (Masahiro Nakai’s Black Variety)”.  The way its so abstract and easy-going.  It makes you relax watching it at night.  I love it when that gloves character comes out too (laughs).

A12. “黄泉がえり (Yomigaeri)”.  When I saw it, I loved it straight away!

A13. “FLY” by SMAP.  It’s a really cool, mature song.

Yuri Chinen

(See NYC translation for Chinen’s answers)

Kei Inoo

A1. Yuya Tegoshi (NEWS)

A2. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A3. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP)

A4. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN).  We play online games together a lot.

A5. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  A little while ago I went to see Koichi’s solo concert, and of course I thought his singing and dancing were cool, but his MC talk was  also funny.  I thought he was amazing!

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He did the flying trapeze on stage at “SUMMARY”

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP)

A8. Koki Tanaka (KAT-TUN).  In my head, he’s interested in a lot of things about the world!

A9. Sho Sakurai (Arashi).  Not only is it because he’s a reporter, but he’s also smart.

A10. Yoshihiko Inohara (V6).  Because my name’s Inoo, my nickname when I was little was “Inocchi”.  I want to do a double Innocchi collaboration!  I want to be in the Matsuya commercial with Inohara-kun and eat gyudon with him! (laughs)

A11. “世界の果てまでイッテQ! (Sekai no Hate made ItteQ!)”

A12. “木更津キャッツアイ ワールドシリーズ (Kisarazu Cat’s Eye World Series)”.  I don’t usually watch movies, but that movie was funny!

A13. “オレンジ (Orange)” by SMAP.  I can’t remember whether it was primary school or junior high school but…it was a song we sang at graduation.

Ryutaro Morimoto

A1. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  I’ve been listening to him since I was little and I always thought he was good.

A2. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi). I have an image that he’s really good.  I was really surprised when I saw him dancing in concert.  He’s so different to what he’s like on TV, it was amazing.

A3. Takuya Kimura (SMAP).  I’ve seen him in a lot of dramas, it’s amazing how he’s been able to play so many characters.  I really admire him.

A4. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO).  It’s not that I hang out with him a lot, but I remember he took me out to functions for the drama “受験の神様 (Juken no Kamisama)”.

A5. Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasa).  Tackey is so amazing.  He can do anything.  He can act and sing and dance and direct.  He does the stage directions for his own shows, right.  I admire him, and I think he’s incredible.  He’s also like a big brother.

A6. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO).  It has to be Yamaguchi-san.  Look at his muscles.  When I was working on a drama with him, I asked him to do a back flip and he did it on the spot just like that.

A7. Shintaro Morimoto.  My little brother.  I think I’m the only one who can say this (laughs).  He is spoilt.  When I’m watching TV, he’ll come into my room uninvited and watch it with me.

A8. Yuto Nakajima (Hey! Say! JUMP).  When I was listening into his interview, he’d bring up photography, horseback riding…he’s got a lot of hobbies.

A9. Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He’s amazing sports-wise.  He loves soccer and volleyball.

A10. Tatsuya Yamaguchi (TOKIO).  Because I want him to teach me how to surf (laughs).  If there was a surfing show I’d want to go on it with him.

A11. “中井正弘のブラックバラエティ (Masahiro Nakai’s Black Variety)”.  It’s really funny.  They have things like baseball specials, and some unthinkable people go on it, like Koichi Yamamoto (laughs).  I think baseball fans can’t get enough of it.

A12. “花より男子F(ファイナル) (Hanayori Dango Final)”.  I have the DVD at home.  I’ve even recorded it and watched it twice in a row.  Everyone in my family’s a fan.

A13. “SHAKE” by SMAP.  I think I danced to this at something in kindergarten.

Yuto Nakajima

A1. Masayuki Sakamoto (V6)

A2. Tomoyuki Yara (Musical Academy)

A3. Toma Ikuta

A4. Huh!?  Who do I hang out with…?  Keito (Okamoto)?

A5. Hideaki Takizawa (Tackey & Tsubasa).  There are so many though!  Tackey, Ikuta-kun, Matsuoka-kun, Nagase-kun…so many!  But if I had to choose…that’s hard, but I guess Tackey.

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP)

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP)

A8. Me…I have lots of hobbies!

A9. Me.  This is me too! (laughs)

A10. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN).  Nakamaru-kun!  I want to play drums and Nakamaru-kun play beat box!

A11. “嵐にしやがれ (Arashi ni Shiyagare)”.  I watch it quite a bit!

A12. “SP 野望篇 (SP Yabo Episode)”.  It’s so hard to decide…but I love “SP”!  I saw the drama too.  It’s so cool!

A13. “Ultra Music Power” by Hey! Say! JUMP I guess?  Because it’s our debut song!

Keito Okamoto

A1. Ryo Nishikido (NEWS/Kanjani8)

A2. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi)

A3. Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)

A4. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN)

A5. Takuya Kimura (SMAP)

A6. Junnosuke Taguchi (KAT-TUN).  If I had to choose one of my seniors, it would be Taguchi-kun!

A7. Who’s spoilt!?  I don’t know (laughs).  Yama-chan (Ryosuke Yamada).

A8.  Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  Who does have the most hobbies?  Hobbies, hobbies, hmmm…….Tsuyoshi-kun.

A9. Sho Sakurai (Arashi)

A10. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO).  I want to do all sorts of things!

A11. “学校へ行こう”.  I used to watch this a lot.  I’d copy the games too.

A12. “ピカ★★ンチ ~LIFE IS HARDだからHAPPY~ (Pikanchi ~LIFE IS HARD Dakara HAPPY~)”

A13. “オレンジ (Orange)” by SMAP.  It’s a really good song, I love it.

Yuya Takaki

A1. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO)

A2. V6

A3. Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi)

A4. I don’t hang out with anyone.

A5. Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids)

A6. V6

A7. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO).  It’s my impression of him from “ムコ殿 (Mukodono)”.  I loved that drama!

A8. Koki Tanaka (KAT-TUN)

A9. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN)

A10. Tomoya Nagase (TOKIO)

A11. “ザ!鉄腕!DASH!! (The! Testuwan! DASH!!)”


A13. “Bonnie Butterfly” by KinKi Kids

Kota Yabu

A1. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  When I was a back dancer and his concerts, I’d be mesmerized by his singing while I danced.

A2. Tomoyuki Yara (Musical Academy).  You just have to watch him.

A3. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP).  I don’t think anyone can duplicate the expression in his eyes in “任侠ヘルパー (Ninkyo Helper)”.

A4. Tadayoshi Okura (Kanjani8).  Not all the time, but the other day we went out for dinner and then went to karaoke.

A5. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (SMAP) and Koichi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  I like Koichi-kun’s natural personality.  I also think it’s amazing how Kusanagi-kun can be so polite.

A6. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He’s someone who can do everything you ask him to do, it’s amazing.

A7. Yuri Chinen (Hey! Say! JUMP).  He doesn’t do it as often as he used to, but he used to sit on my lap uninvitedly.

A8. Satoshi Ohno (Arashi).  Because he does a lot of things like fishing and art.

A9. Masahiro Nakai (SMAP).  He’s in so many shows, that’s got to make you smart.

A10. Shingo Murakami (Kanjani8).  I want to go on a soccer show with him.

A11. “学校へ行こう”.  I watched this from before the time I joined the agency.

A12. “HERO”.  I love the drama and the movie.

A13. “CHANGE UR WORLD” by KAT-TUN.  Because they looked so cool when they performed it on Music Station.

Ryosuke Yamada

(see NYC translation for Yamada’s answers)

Hikaru Yaotome

A1. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids).  You can learn a lot from the way he uses his vocal chords.

A2. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai).  He seems so calm, but he has the power to draw you in.  He’s a professional entertainer.

A3. Takuya Kimura (SMAP).  He’s not just good, but he’s so good that it makes you want to try and copy him.

A4. Hey! Say! JUMP.  Sometimes Yuichi Nakamaru-kun (KAT-TUN) will take me out to dinner.

A5. Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids)

A6. Noriyuki Higashiyama (Shonentai)

A7. Koki Tanaka (KAT-TUN).  Maybe?  I’m not 100 per cent sure, but I get that impression when I talk to him because he’s nice.

A8. Yuichi Nakamaru (KAT-TUN).  Because he buys a lot of things.

A9. Me, I think.  I love learning new facts and local myths.

A10. I want to do a bass collaboration with Tsuyoshi Domoto (KinKi Kids) or TOKIO’s Tatsuya Yamaguchi-kun.  Because I play the bass guitar too.

A11. “ぷっすま(Pussuma)” and “SMAP X SMAP”.  I like Pussuma when Kusanagi breaks out of his quiet shell and gets excited.

A12. “SP 野望篇 (SP Yabo Episode)”.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I watched the drama so I want to see it.

A13. “僕の背中には羽根がある (Boku no Senaka niwa Hane ga Aru)” by KinKi Kids.  I really love the intro, and the song’s quality is out of this world!

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