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More rankings for Arashi

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Arashi’s Sho Sakurai (28) has become the youngest person to get a Top 10 place in ORICON STYLE’s 3rd “Favourite TV Host“ranking,  it was revealed today by Oricon.


While the top three places were claimed by talent Sanma Akashiya, Tamori, and Shinsuke Shimada, Sakurai’s number eight placing marked the first time in the ranking’s three-year history that a talent in their 20s had gotten a Top 10 place.


Not only has Sakurai been working as a pop star, but he is also a reporter on NEWS ZERO, and got the chance to be the white team host with Arashi on NHK’s Kohaku Uta Gassen in 2010.


Another Johnny’s talent to make the list was SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai, who ranked in at number five.


Favourite TV Host Top 10

1. Sanma Akashiya (2010: no.2)

2. Tamori (2010: no.4)

3. Shinsuke Shimada (2010: no.1)

4. Shinya Ueda (2010: no.7)

5. Masahiro Nakai (2010: no.6)

6. Koji Imada (2010: no.3)

7. Seiji Miyane (2010: n/a)

8. Sho Sakurai (2010: n/a)

9. Cream Stew (2010: no.8)

10. Downtown (2010: no.5)

(Voting carried out online between December 24 2010 and January 5 2011, 1000 votes counted)


Another ranking announced today was mobile ringtone download company RecoChoku’s “Best song to cheer on students“.  Here, Arashi’s “Sakura sake” had been voted number one for the second year in a row.


Students who had voted for Arashi had said the song’s cherry blossom theme and positive lyrics gave it a cheering-on song effect.

“I thought ‘Sakura sake = success’ so I listened to it all the time while I was studying for my exams,” said one student.

“The lyrics are positive and they give me a sense of power,” said another student.


Best song to cheer on students Top 5

1. “Sakura sake” Arashi


3. “YELL ~エール~” Kobukuro

4. “Sakura saku” Kii Kitano

5. “Ima Hashiridaseba” Ikimonogakari

(Voting carried out online between December 21 2010 and January 11 2011, 737 votes counted)

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