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GANTZ promos with and without leading stars over the weekend

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GANTZ event in Tokyo (photo thanks to Mainichi Shimbun Digital)


Japanese fans were turning up to events across the country in their thousands, even if the movie’s leading stars were not there, reports Sankei Sports, Mainichi Shimbun Digital, and Oricon.


The SF-manga-turned-live-action film “GANTZ” stars Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya (27) and actor Kenichi Matsuyama (25), who greeted fans in Tokyo on January 29 to celebrate the film’s opening in Japan.

“We finally finished it.  I’m sure the other cast members and staff who aren’t here today are out somewhere celebrating too,” Ninomiya said.


It has been reported the actors answered questions from fans, and looked back at their experience playing characters who suddenly find themselves fighting mysterious aliens.

“Didn’t you ever get embarrassed doing the blue screen shoots when your co-star wasn’t there physically?” Matsuyama asked Ninomiya.

“I didn’t have time to waste thinking about something like that!” Ninomiya said, making the audience erupt in laughter.


Across the country in Osaka, more than 1000 fans had gathered at a GANTZ event showcasing costumes and props used in the movie.


Event organisers had said the first 500 fans would go into the draw to win tickets to the GANTZ sequel’s press event and special T-shirts, which had prompted more than 200 fans to start lining up by 8am.  By 11am, more than 1000 fans had gathered.


TOHO Cinema organisers had been worried some fans might have mistaken the event for one where Ninomiya would make a personal appearance, but it has been reported fans were more than happy to snap photos of the props.


Fans lining up for the GANTZ event in Osaka (photo thanks to Sankei Sports)


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