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Karina gives Yamapi 15 kilo chocolate present

10:47 JST February 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Yusuke Iseya with Karina's chocolate present (photo thanks to Walker plus)

Tomohisa Yamashita (25) and the cast of his movie “Ashita no Joe”celebrated the opening of their film in Tokyo yesterday, reports Daily Sports and Walker plus.


The cast had met fans who had gathered in TOHO cinemas, Roppongi, on February 11.  As snow engulfed most of the country yesterday, Yamashita started by thanking people for braving the chilly weather to come and see their movie.


With Valentine’s Day on the way and knowing her co-stars Yamashita and Yusuke Iseya had lost a significant amount of weight for the movie, actress Karina delighted them with a 15-kilogram chocolate in the shape of a boxing champion belt.

“I hope that the movie will be a champion too,” she said.


Yamashita had looked back on his hard training and said at times he felt uneasy with playing a character in a much-anticipated film.

“(Joe’s) really famous, and I felt a lot of pressure playing a character who had so many fans.  But as a man I admired the way Joe would stand up again and again and how he faced his challenges up front.  Joe taught me how to face my own challenges.  I was moved by him, and I was happy to have taken on this challenge.”


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