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My snowy thoughts

22:31 JST February 14, 2011 5 comments

Hello again.  It’s snowing outside in Tokyo tonight…

Just wanted to separate the post about me going away from my random thoughts :p


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone xoxo

Not that Valentine’s Day has a lot to do with me this year…but I did help a friend in love make chocolates, and I gave workmates chocolates today so I feel like I’ve done my worth 🙂

One thing I really was into this year was 渡り廊下走り隊7’s “Valentine Kiss” song XD

I was having an amazing fan moment when I saw them collaborating with Tegomass on Music Fair on Saturday \(//∇//)


Valentine’s Day…I read a really short story about Shingo Murakami about what he’s up to today actually.  I thought it was bit too short to post about on it’s own so I’ll do it here 🙂


Daily Sports reports that in an interview following Kanjani8’s Shingo Murakami’s stage show “If or…3” today, he was asked what his plans were for Valentine’s Day:

“None of the staff or anyone has given me (chocolate).  I’m going out for yakiniku with my manager tonight,” Murakami sulked.


Awww…at least the snow is pretty to look at!  You’re not the only one alone!


Another thing I found today was the movie website for Shunsuke Kazama’s visual band movie “Maebashi Visual Rockers”.

Wow, he looks different!  But I’m sure he’ll be amazing XD

Anyone else who wants to check out the website, click here.


Ok, that’s it, have a good night! (or day)


Momo xoxo

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My away

21:44 JST February 14, 2011 4 comments

Sorry for some inconvenient news, but I’ll be out of town on business from Thursday for about a week so I won’t be able to update this blog 😦

I’ll catch up with the news once I get back!  Promise!

I’ll still try and update as much as I can before I go.

I just hope nothing huge happens while I’m gone…

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