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Travel: A certain Chinese restaurant…

11:31 JST February 15, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Almost every Arashi fan will know Masaki Aiba’s family runs a Chinese restaurant in Chiba prefecture.

I read some news about the restaurant today, which lead me to: China house Keikarou (restaurant website)

The news itself I found in a gossip website, which I generally try not to trust 100%, so I did a search around a few fan blogs to get more info on the subject.

Not that the news was very scandalous…it was just about how the restaurant sells its own merchandise like mobile phone straps.  The merchandise is not connected to Masaki Aiba or Johnny’s, and has the shop’s logo mark printed on them.

I’ll just introduce the restaurant briefly here for English-speaking fans 🙂

I’ve found there aren’t any links to the separate pages (menu, access, etc) on the website so here’s a screenshot of the top of the website with translations of what is where:


WHAT: Chinese restaurant

WHERE: 8-33 5-chome Makuharihongo, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba city, Chiba 262-0033, Japan.

NEAREST TRAIN STATION: Makuharihongo station (JR Sobu line, Keisei Chiba line)

SHOP HOURS: 11:00 – 14:45 (last order), 17:00 – 21:00 (last order)

WAITING TIME: Several fan blogs I’ve read through have said fans have waited anywhere between 40 minutes to two hours to be seated in the restaurant.  Some people have suggested booking a table in advance, although I’m not sure about how far in advance (some say a month in advance, but others say there were able to book a table for dinner when they went too late for lunch).

HOLIDAYS: Every Wednesday (if a public holiday is on Wednesday, the restaurant will be closed on Thursday) and the first, second, and third Thursday of every month.

MERCHANDISE ON SALE: The main attraction for fans are the Keikarou mobile phone straps that are sold here.  Several fan blogs have said that lately the shop has been selling a lot of limited edition straps (Christmas limited edition, New Year’s limited edition, etc) so Aiba fans can flock to the store for these.  Looking through the blog, they also sell Keikarou necklaces and eco-bags.

INSIDE: I’ve read several reports that the interior of the shop has posters of Arashi up on the walls, autographs, and presents sent in by fans.  A friend once showed me a photo of a teddy bear toy dressed up in a mirrorman outfit like the one Aiba used to wear on TV.

(map thanks to Google maps)

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  1. LeiC
    15:22 JST February 15, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    wow, i only read this a while ago (different translation) and now it’s clear to me. they’re now trying to create a scandal about Aiba family restaurant?
    nothing wrong with the family adding some income riding on their famous son’s popularity. as long as they’re not breaking rules set by the mighty agency, it’s fine, i think.

    thanks for the translation!

    • 15:49 JST February 15, 2011 at 3:49 PM


      Thanks for reading it 😀

      I’m not sure whether anyone’s intentionally creating a scandal, but yeah, I think the bottom line is that Aiba’s family restaurant sells merchandise but it’s not Johnny’s merchandise.
      Still…buying something that’s connected to Aiba is tempting…lol

      Momo xoxo

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