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TOKIO’s Yamaguchi will become one of the new faces of morning television

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"ZIP!" the new show Yamaguchi will be co-hosting

TOKIO’s Tatsuya Yamaguchi (39) has been named as one of the three main personalities for Nihon TV’s upcoming morning show “ZIP!” starting in April, reports Mainichi Shimbun and Sports Hochi.


The Johnny’s star will be joined by EXILE’s MAKIDAI (35) and comedian Taizo Harada (40).  The three will take turns every day in hosting the show along with two Nihon TV announcers.


“ZIP!” will replace the long-running “Zoom in!! SUPER” morning show, and TV producers hope it will bring a new, “happy and fun morning to Japan”.


TV producers have said Yamaguchi was chosen because he has been able to make the transition from a pop star idol to a man, and can therefore bring something new to the show.


All three have been familiar faces on prime time television in Japan, but to become the new faces of morning television, each of them will now have to come into the TV studio by 4:30am for the show’s 5:50am start.

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First ever music collaboration for V6

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☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo) collaborates with V6 for SP theme remix (photo thanks to BARKS)

Junichi Okada’s upcoming SP movie is about to get some more V6 in it, reports Oricon and BARKS.


The movie’s main theme “Security Police” has been remixed by music duo m-flo’s ☆Taku Takahashi for the upcoming movie “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 革命篇 (Kakumei volume, Revolution volume)“.  It has been reported music producer group REVOLUTIONS had asked ☆Taku Takahashi to create a revolutionary music scene using “Security Police”.  The DJ in turn asked Johnny’s if V6 could sing the song.


The resulting song has become “SP ‘Break The Wall’ feat. V6&☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo)”.  The song will not be released as a CD, and will only be available from a mobile download site starting on March 2.


Although V6 have had songs written for them by various household name musicians in the past, this is the first time they have collaborated with one.  V6 leader Masayuki Sakamoto said he was proud of their finished product.

“For V6 this was our first time being featured on a song and releasing it on a mobile download site.  We’re really looking forward to seeing how people react.  ☆Taku-san made this into an amazingly cool song so I think people will be able to enjoy listening to a different kind of V6,” he said.


☆Taku Takahashi said V6 were a revolution, while the SP theme’s original composer Yugo Kanno had said he thought the remix version with V6’s singing was cool.


SP THE MOTION PICTURE 革命篇 (Kakumei volume, Revolution volume)” opens in Japan on March 12.


Extra links: REVOLUTIONS website

“Break the Wall” (if you missed the link above)

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Tokyo citizen Shunsuke Kazama pulls off farm boy role

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Shunsuke Kazama with director Gitan Ohtsuru (photo thanks to SponichiAnnex)

Johnny’s talent Shunsuke Kazama (27) talked about turning from a Tokyo city boy to a farm boy, and then to a visual rock musician at an event for his upcoming movie “前橋ヴジュアル系 (Maebashi Visual Rockers)” in Tokyo on February 28, reports Cinema Today, Sponichi Annex, Sankei Sports, and TV Asahi.

The story follows a group of country boys who form a visual band and dream of making it big.  It has been reported Kazama had said wearing heavy visual rock band makeup was an unforgettable experience.

“My face is very plain so it was great to be able to dress up like this.  [But in between takes] I’d look at myself in the mirror and laugh,” he said.

Kazama also said it was a challenge to take on a project where he would not be dancing.

“I worked really hard to make my performance believable,” he said.

The other believable role had been what his character looked off the stage and on the farm.

“I was worried my Tokyo lifestyle would ruin things if my city boy habits came out, but then when I tried on the farm clothes, I looked better than I had imagined,” he said.

The Johnny’s talent also said he was not fazed by the fact this was his first lead role in a movie.

“I never took notice of it while I was filming, but now I’m gradually beginning to realize what it means,” he said.

Finally, like the characters in the movie who grow to love their work more and more, the press had asked Kazama what he himself was into these days.

“I think I’m dead serious when I’m reading manga at manga cafes.  My happiness only costs 400 yen an hour.”

“前橋ヴジュアル系 (Maebashi Visual Rockers)” opens in Japan cinemas from April 9.

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