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Kanjani8’s Murakami and Okura to make voice acting debut

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Okura's Masshu character (left) and Murakami's Jyaga character (right) (image thanks to Daily Sports Online)

Kanjani8’s Shingo Murakami (29) and Tadayoshi Okura (25) will voice evil Osaka-dialect-speaking researchers in the upcoming Crayon Shinchan movie, it was revealed on March 4, reports Daily Sports Online and Nikkan Sports.

The two pop stars will make their voice acting debut in “クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ 黄金のスパイ大作戦 (Crayon Shinchan Arashi wo Yobu Ougon no Spy Dai-sakusen)”, which is due to open in cinemas on April 16.

The movie follows Shinchan as he becomes a spy who sneaks into Hederuna Land’s Doctor Hegaderu’s laboratory to snatch back the “capsule of justice” and save humanity.  Doctor Hegaderu has two assistant researchers, Masshu and Jyaga, voiced by Murakami and Okura.

It has been reported the movie’s producers had changed both characters’ speech from the formal Hederuna Land dialect to an Osaka dialect, once it had been confirmed the Osaka natives would take up their roles.

The two Kanjani8 members said they were excited about being part of the 19th Crayon Shinchan movie.

“I’ve watched this anime for years so I’m quite nervous,” Murakami said.

“I grew up watching Shinchan, but now at my age I hope I can give kids something to smile and dream about,” Okura said.

Kanjani8’s song “Yellow Pansy Street” will be the theme song to the movie, while their song “T.W.L” is currently the anime show’s opening theme song.

  1. Yan
    17:40 JST March 5, 2011 at 5:40 PM

    I might end up watching just for the sake of hearing their voices coming out of the “evil Osaka-dialect-speaking researchers” lol

    • 20:17 JST March 5, 2011 at 8:17 PM


      Lol, they are gonna rock those characters for sure 🙂

      Momo xoxo

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