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Johnny’s making guest appearances in final Kinpachi Sensei drama special

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Kinpachi Sensei (photo thanks to The Television)

More than 150 “Sakura Junior High School graduates” will make guest appearances on the final of the long-running Kinpachi Sensei drama series, reports The Television.

3年B組金八先生・ファイナル〜『最後の贈る言葉』4時間SP〜 (3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei Final ~’Saigo no Okuru Kotoba’ 4 hour special~)” will mark the final of a drama series that had started in October 1979.  For 32 years Kinpachi Sakamoto Sensei, played by Tetsuya Takeda, has taught and helped junior high schoolers as they faced the challenges of their time.

In the final four hour special, the following Johnny’s talents have been confirmed as guests (as of noon March 7):

  • Masahiko Kondo (1st series)
  • Ippei Hikaru (ex-Johnny’s) (2nd series)
  • Shunsuke Kazama (5th series)
  • Kazuya Kamenashi (KAT-TUN) (5th series)
  • Takahisa Masuda (NEWS) (6th series)
  • Shigeaki Kato (NEWS) (6th series)
  • Kota Yabu (Hey! Say! JUMP) (7th series)
  • Hikaru Yaotome (Hey! Say! JUMP) (7th series)

The final show will be aired in Japan on March 27, and a pre-final TV show will air on March 24.

More Johnny’s on guest star list (as of 9am March 8):

  • Yoshikazu Toushin (Johnny’s Jr.) (6th series)
  • Taiyo Ayukawa (ex-Johnny’s) (7th series)
  • Yuma Sanada (Johnny’s Jr.) (8th series)

For full list (Japanese) click here.

Futa has same global goals as his brother Jin Akanishi

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Futa at Sunday's event in Azabu, Tokyo (photo thanks to Nikkan Sports)

Jin Akanishi’s younger brother Futa (23) will play his first lead in the musical “三銃士 (The Three Musketeers)” this July, it was revealed on March 6, reports Nikkan Sports and Daily Sports Online.


Yesterday, the actor had appeared in front of the press at an Azabu Fire station event where he was the special rescue team captain for the day.


It has been reported that following in his brother’s footsteps, Futa had started working in the entertainment industry when he was 16.  But after a few small roles in shows and no big break, actor had originally auditioned for a place in “The Three Musketeers” ensemble.  His good body language and singing skills caught the attention of producers and landed him his first lead role as d’Artagnan.


Futa had talked about how his older brother had supported him in his career.

“When I’m performing ‘The Three Musketeers’ he won’t be [in Japan] but otherwise he always comes to watch (my show).  He’s dependable an I respect him.  I hope I can work with him one day,” he said.


The actor also hinted he had the same worldwide aspirations as Jin.

“If I have the chance to do something in a different country other than Japan I want to do it.  I want put myself to the test,” he said.


“The Three Musketeers” will play at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo from July 22 to 24.

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Go Morita invited to perform in New York

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Rose Theater, New York (photo thanks to Sankei Sports)

Go Morita (32) from V6 will make his international debut at the 2011 Lincoln Center Festival in New York this July, it was revealed on March 5, reports Daily Sports Online, Nikkan Sports and Sankei Sports.

The pop star’s stage play “金閣寺 (Kinkakuji, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion)” will have four performances at the Rose Theater on Broadway from July 21 to 24.  The internationally reknown Lincoln Center Festival will be a chance for Morita to use his American debut as a gateway to acting jobs globally.

“I want to act with all my heart,” Mortia said.

Based on the novel written by Yukio Mishima, the story follows Mizoguchi, a disturbed Buddhist acolyte who is the main suspect in the torching of a Kyoto temple.  The play had been performed for the first time at the opening of the Kanagawa Geijyutsu Gekijo theater in January, and was being performed in Nagoya at the time the news was broken out.

It has been reported producers of the US festival had watched the play’s January 29 rehearsal and opening night on January 29th before making their decision the next day.  The producers had commented Morita was an excellent actor.

Morita has performed overseas with with groups Coming Century and V6, but this will be the first time he performs overseas as an actor.

The play’s director Amon Miyamoto had said the festival was a show window attracting people from all over the world.

“Morita’s talent is amazing and I think he will be recognized for it internationally,” he said.

Morita, who was answering questions from the press right next to the director, gave a slightly nervous reply.

“I’m not that confident I’ll be recognized internationally…but I have faith in Amon-san’s words so I’ll do my best,” he said.

It has been reported Morita has said although the thought of performing in New York was daunting, he was looking forward to his challenge, and the news had given him extra motivation.

“I heard about this during my performance and the truth sunk in slowly…  Looking around at everyone, I realized how big of a deal it was.  I’m looking forward to seeing how the audience reacts.  It’ll be a good experience for me to see how people I don’t know react to the show,” he said.

The show will be performed in Japanese by the original stage cast with English subtitles available on a stage screen.  But director Miyamoto had said some changes might be made before the US shows.

“I don’t want people to see the same thing over and over again.  Stage shows are always evolving so we’ll do some rehearsals again and might decide to change some details,” he said.

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