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TOKIO’s DASH village intact but nothing announced yet about evacuations

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Screenshot from DASH village's official website

TOKIO’s DASH village is in one piece but nothing has been announced about whether it is affected by the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant events, reports Cinema Today and Nikkan Sports.


After Friday’s earthquake and tsunami, fans of TOKIO’s DASH村 (DASH Mura, DASH village) TV show had been worried since the show’s farm is apparently located close to Fukushima prefecture, one of the worst hit areas in this disaster.


A message on the show’s official website on March 14 had announced that everyone, including livestock, were alright.  Filming has for the time being been cancelled.


But yesterday, residents living within 30km of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant were urged to stay indoors or evacuate.  The exact location of the DASH village has never been revealed, but so far no reports have been released about what will or has been carried out at DASH village.

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Johnny’s ready to lend out trucks and power-supply vehicles to northern Japan

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Johnny’s & Associates is ready to help disaster-stricken areas in north-east Japan by lending out their transport trucks and power-supply vehicles for free, it was announced on March 15, reports Sankei Sports and Nikkan Sports.

The agency had only just announced it was canceling 18 concerts by six of its artists.  It has been reported that one concert’s performance equates to several trucks-worth of equipment and several power-supply vehicles for lighting and special effects.

Although the trucks and power source cars do not belong to Johnny’s, only being lent out to them, a representative from the agency has said that because all concerts in March have been cancelled, they would be happy to see the vehicles being put to use by transporting supplies to victims and generate electricity for places like hospitals.

The trucks cannot be lent out to anyone, but can be used if the local government in disaster areas asks for their help.

Johnny’s concerts cancelled this month include TOKIO, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hey! Say! JUMP, Johnny’s Jr., Kansai Johnny’s Jr. with Yuma Nakayama, and Tomohisa Yamashita (NEWS).  As well as this, Koichi Domoto’s stage show “Endless SHOCK” has cancelled shows for the rest of March.

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