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Johnny’s to perform power-saving concerts from April

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Johnny’s talent concerts will resume in April, but only using one-tenth of normal electricity power, reports Asahi Shimbun and Daily Sports Online.

Duo Tackey & Tsubasa and NYC’s Yuma Nakayama had been helping load goods onto a truck bound for earthquake and tsunami victims in northern Japan.

“The entire agency started this, we’ll support them to the end.

“If we work hard enough, we can perform a concert any time.  What’s important now is to help those in need,” Takizawa said.

It has been reported a typical Johnny’s concert needs 3000-kilowatts of electricity.  Concerts will resume on April 1, but only using a fraction of this power.

“We’ll get through it by putting more of ourselves into it .  We’ll take electricity into consideration,” Imai said.

Tokyo is still experiencing power shortages brought about by the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster and residents and companies are being urged to cut down on unnecessary power use.

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Every Johnny’s talent to take part in relief project

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Johnny’s & Associates will launch a new relief project involving every one of their talents to support the victims of the Japan earthquake, it was revealed on March 19, reports Sponichi Annex and Sports Hochi.

It has been reported the project will include a charity CD sale and events.

On March 18, a truck originally intended to transport concert equipment, instead transported everyday needs like disposable baby diapers and disinfectant to affected areas in Iwate prefecture.  Johnny’s talents Hideaki Takizawa (28), Tsubasa Imai (29), and Yuma Nakayama (17) helped to load the goods onto the truck.

“Our fans have supported us, now we want to give something back to them,” Imai said.

“If we can help motivate people to do something by doing it ourselves, I think there’s a need for all of us (at Johnny’s) to get together and ask our fans to help out as well,” Takizawa said.

Following the 1995 Kobe earthquake, 13 Johnny’s talents from the Kansai region, or with connections to Kansai had formed “J-FRIENDS” (TOKIO, KinKi Kids, and V6).  The special group released CDs and held performances to raise money for earthquake victims.

It has been reported that other talents had said they wanted to help out if another charity group were to be formed, and it is expected that this project will be bigger than ever.  The group will even include Johnny’s senior Masahiko Kondo, Shonentai, SMAP, and Arashi.

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